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New Profile Posts

  1. Svíar
    Τον Κύριον υμνείτε, και υπερυψούτε εις πάντας τους αιώνας.
  2. Myrddin
    Ζῆνα δέ τις προφρόνως ἐπινίκια κλάζων τεύξεται φρενῶν τὸ πᾶν: ὸν φρονεῖν βροτοὺς ὁδώ- σαντα, τὸν πάθει μάθος θέντα κυρίως ἔχειν.
  3. Myrddin
  4. Myrddin
  5. Saturner
    Rejoice dear bird And praise thy Maker, Raise bright and clear thy voice, Thy God is most exalted
  6. Saturner
    I beyond all, I am
  7. PrinceRomanicus
    PrinceRomanicus fschmidt
    Hypothetically speaking, if your Mikraite Community grew to become larger, how would the governance evolve?
  8. D. M. Hutchins
    D. M. Hutchins Myrddin
    Isn't it interesting that everyone is obsessed with the 'person' of Myatt, yet neglects the importance of his work, which is understood not in the glorification of the man himSelf, but in the calcination of ones own self via pathei mathos, and even this assumes that it was Myatt who thus spurred them to the act. Anyway, I'm Myatt. Nice to meet you.
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    2. Myrddin
      LOL enjoy a good english ale for us
      3 December 2016
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    3. Celtic Skogsra
      Celtic Skogsra
      Shame Myatt's gone. Had something to ask him (not o9a related).
      5 December 2016
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  9. Celtic Skogsra
    Celtic Skogsra Myrddin
    Are you Myatt? DM if yes.
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    2. Myrddin
      Nope not them
      2 December 2016
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  10. PrinceRomanicus
    PrinceRomanicus fschmidt
    A Question for you about your Mikraite Community. How is it governed? Is it like a generic town government with elections for a mayor role? Or is it something different?
    1. fschmidt
      We are very small, so this isn't much of an issue. We make decisions in our weekly meetings and currently we only accept decisions that are accepted by everyone in the meeting.
      1 December 2016