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New Profile Posts

  1. RabGospodnyy
    RabGospodnyy Raisin
    Greetings. I wrote an introduction in the dedicated thread several days ago. However, I have not yet been approved as a full member. Would it be possible to upgrade my account to that of a full member?
    1. RabGospodnyy
      Thank you to the staff member who gave me full membership! Much obliged!
      24 July 2018
  2. Laupiau
    Laupiau Valvar
    How can I have a gif in my signature?
  3. Coram Satanae
  4. Azaeroe
    Been here exactly 1 year.
  5. calopesc
    There are no tricks, just enthusiasms
  6. Svíar
    Τον Κύριον υμνείτε, και υπερυψούτε εις πάντας τους αιώνας.
  7. Myrddin
    Ζῆνα δέ τις προφρόνως ἐπινίκια κλάζων τεύξεται φρενῶν τὸ πᾶν: ὸν φρονεῖν βροτοὺς ὁδώ- σαντα, τὸν πάθει μάθος θέντα κυρίως ἔχειν.
  8. Myrddin
  9. Myrddin
  10. Saturner
    Rejoice dear bird And praise thy Maker, Raise bright and clear thy voice, Thy God is most exalted