8 September 2013
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    1. Celtic Skogsra
      Celtic Skogsra
      Can you change my screen name from Celtic Vixen to Celtic Skogsra? (Without the Swedish accents pls).
    2. KingOvGermania
      Hey, I'm very, very sorry I haven't contacted you in so long. I've been very sick. I hope you're OK.
    3. David Ravel
      David Ravel
      Greetings. Where is your present profile picture from ? It is a beautiful painting, and I would like to see it in bigger format (and also any other paintings from the same artist). Thank you.
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    4. Germanicus
    5. Untersberger
      Greetings most wise one. You have been missed all that while and it is with thanks I have found my way here.
    6. renownedwolf
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      2. Olavsson
        Ah, that's cool. Thanks for sharing. Might be interested in checking out such opportunities but it depends on what I can afford for the time speaking.
        8 August 2014
    7. Saesenthesis
      I'm in need of your advice. I want to strengthen my body (nothing extreme) and increase agility. Can you give me some recommends/pointers?
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      3. Olavsson
        I recommend checking out the e-books shared by VedicViking in this thread, outlining a method of "progressive calisthenics" - improving strength and agility mostly using your own body weight:

        27 April 2014
      4. Saesenthesis
        I'm female, I tried fixing that but got java script error. Later.

        This appears useful, especially because it's for indoors. Thanks!
        27 April 2014
      5. Olavsson
        No problem, you're welcome!
        27 April 2014
    8. Mojave
      Continuing (character limits--) Acknowledgement is due to LB leadership for a growing and high quality forum. Marked contrast to a certain American one, most of whose members probably could not identify that which she of your own avatar carries on her left shoulder.
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    9. Mojave
      Hello, after a time. I'd like to thank whomever provided me with a (default) avatar. The lack of one was not due to disinterest but highly limited computer skills.
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    10. Sigmund
      Takk! :) Skal forsåke å bidra til forumet så godt det lar seg gjøre. ;)

      Liker veldig godt hva jeg har sett av forumet så langt.
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