About Lumine Boreali

Lumine Boreali is a forum devoted to the discussion of topics and ideas under the umbrella of Traditionalism, Reactionary and Alternative Right Politics, Philosophy, Aesthetics, Literature, Historical & Current Events, and other miscellaneous themes with a focus on qualitative discourse and material. Our aim is to maintain a unique and qualitative platform where the signal-to-noise ratio is optimal.

Lumine Boreali's foundational principles

Lumine Boreali as a community and administration seeks to uphold a great respect for freedom of speech and open-minded debate between opposing views as long as this is kept within a frame of civility, mutual respect, honesty and honour. A member of Lumine Boreali should not expect being expelled on the basis of opinion alone, even though our administration retains the right to ban members that over time have proved to be unwilling to live up to our standards of quality (and the Twelve Commandsments listed below), especially if this member has shown himself not to contribute to a constructive and friendly climate.

However, Lumine Boreali as a platform, independently of the views of individual members, is firmly rooted within a certain world-view; Lumine Boreali does have a signature of its own, and it's got little to do with value relativism. As a member of Lumine Boreali, one should keep in mind that the platform itself is not neutral, and that certain essential principles are key to understanding our orientation - the orientation which distinguishes our forum and gives to it an identity of its own. These can be summarized as the following:

  • Organic particularism: We believe in a world of true diversity, rooted in collective history, identity, culture, ethnicity and protected by suitable forms of political organization.

  • This opposes us to all forms of global uniformity leading to the homogenization and erasure of the distinct peoples, cultures, traditions and races of the world, whether this is furthered by means of political, economic, demographic or cultural imperialism.

  • Multipolarity against unipolarity: At the geopolitical level, a prerequisite for securing organic particularism is the forging of a balanced world-order based on sovereign civilizations and nations opposed to global hegemony, regardless of whether this hegemony is identified with self-righteous words such as "freedom" and "democracy".

  • Ethnic & cultural survival: The above mentioned process of advancing uniformity, characteristic of 'liberal modernity' - which can be labelled 'globalism' - threatens to erase our collective sense of identity, belonging and purpose firmly rooted in a heritage spanning across generations. The consequence is the slow death of peoples. We make a stand for all peoples fighting for their own destiny and their own conception of culture and meaning in the face of this global annihilator of cultures, this many-headed Hydra which seeks to destroy everything and anything of higher value. The ethnic and civilizational groups that currently are most severely threatened by collective erasure are the once great European ones. As a forum where the majority of our members are ethnically European, we take an unapologetic and uncompromising stance for the preservation of the European folk with its varied and great cultures.

  • Truth and Tradition: We reject nihilism, materialism, rootless individualism, cultural relativism and the idea that our origins are insignificant. Certain principles are timelessly true and forever relevant to the workings of the world, the inner nature of man and how he can realize his highest potential. These timeless principles are Tradition. Truth and Tradition in this sense walk hand in hand. Our conception of everything ranging from the cosmic order, the ordering of the culture and the inner order of Man himself is hierarchical, aligned from higher to lower, superior and inferior. Truth doesn't depend on who or what receives the most votes. Some principles are superior to others and worth fighting and even dying for. Ours is thus a struggle for Truth and Tradition.

These principles are more or less open to debate on respectful premises, but they are still carved in stone as far as our official orientation is concerned. We do not demand any ideological uniformity from our members, but we do ask for a basic respect.

The Twelve Commandments of Lumine Boreali

The following set of commandments serve as both rules and general guidelines for the conduct expected here at Lumine Boreali. In addition to these commandments, we reserve the right to delete content and disperse warnings and bans, if we feel that the content in question does not meet our quality standards. It is our intent to have a staff team that at all times acts reasonably and wisely; while this may to some appear to be a despotic arrangement, we believe that it is a good one due to the quality of our staff.

  • Follow the laws of the land, even if they are written by the enemy.
  • Fare not with lies or dishonesty.
  • Fall not prey to ignorance, and let it never be at peace in your presence.
  • Strive always for wisdom and understanding.
  • Let reason rule instinct in your thoughts, words and deeds. Think always before you speak.
  • Act always with respect and dignity.
  • Words are silver, silence is golden. When silence is better than words, let it be your ally.
  • Act in the rays of the sun and plot not in the shadows. Whisper not nefariously behind the backs of those not present.
  • Admit ignorance, both past and present, and strive to fill its hole in the stead of submitting to false pride.
  • Fare not with arrogance or vainglory.
  • The decisions of the rulers are in this realm final. Break them not unless you wish to face the consequences.
  • Resist evil.

A more complete and clear set of terms and conditions may be found here.

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