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Discussion in 'Anthropology' started by Bast, 4 October 2018.

  1. Bast

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    I'm looking for the Right's refutation of Guns, Germs, and Steel. Diamond doesn't believe Europeans are superior to the races they conquered, that we simply had good luck, steel, and terrain on our side. If contemporary manbabies were the ones conquering the Aztecs, then he would have a point, but Coronado and Charles Lindbergh were clearly cut from another cloth than aborigines.
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  2. Manu

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    1. Norden
    2. Knights of the Iron Cross

    We are experiencing the end of Kali Yuga. So is everyone else. All races are behaving incredibly stupid and have become very degenerate compared to their ancestors. The major difference is in what this looks like. This is true for asians, whites, blacks, aborigines, pacific islanders as well as mixed race populations like south americans and middle eastern peoples. Negroes have become urbanized, criminal and infested with disease as well as drugs. Arabs have become destructive, greedy and have lost all their old sense of art and higher pursuits. Asians have become hyper-materialistic and effeminate beyond compare. Urban whites have become cultural marxist consumer zombies with no family or clan structure, identity or the like.

    We have been the hardest hit, quite simply because we had the furthest to fall. Once the world gets its much-needed and overdue Reset in the form of the converging and inevitable disasters which are about to hit us, not least of all the peak oil and immigration problems which in combo translates to massive economic cardiac arrest... Well. It will certainly breed hard and resourceful men, those that survive. I guess this is pretty much the diagnosis, treatment and expected recovery.

    I expect dumb and unable people, good or bad, white and nonwhite, will suffer greatly and die. Much like a smelter separates the slag from the metal. Those who are ableminded and ablebodied will adapt, overcome and form organic enclaves as well as extended clannish structures. Along ethnic lines, quite probably, because the fighting for resources will likely be along those lines from the beginning, due to the nonwhites retention of clan loyalty. That is not their weakness. Their weakness is that they have room temperature IQs and generally speaking are quite inbred. Our problem is not large on the points of mental ability or innovation, our major problem is lack of loyalty and organization along family and ethnic lines. A gradual escalation of race-based aggression towards whites in previously white countries is awakening the need for larger structures than the family, as we speak, however. Where I live, there are neighborhood watches everywhere there are white people with property. Whites are fleeing the cities and moving to houses. People are increasingly into the ecological type of life, growing their own food and so forth. I believe a fraction of our race can be saved and I believe that fraction will do far better than the nonwhite peoples in these lands, once push comes to shove.
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  3. Bast

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    I see it everywhere too. Just in 10 years, really since hurricanes Katrina and Wilma, the makeup of my town has urbanized beyond recognition. Traditionalist whites, and those who just want law, really have nowhere to go in my country but the great plains. All those states are in trouble however, because in the next 30 yrs their water table will be irreversibly lost, thanks to over-farming and abominations like Las Vegas. Its a continuation of the system to ethnically cleanse all people.

    Equality in Mediocrity
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