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Alternative Living Thread

Discussion in 'Traditional Living' started by Plantagenet, 30 September 2014.

  1. Plantagenet

    Plantagenet Heroic Member

    How about we have a thread where we can discuss and post information on alternative modes of living in the modern world other than the typical 9 to 5 workday and living in an apartment/paying a mortgage. Topics could include:

    • Off-the-grid living
    • Living on a boat, in a van, or even in a yurt
    • Tips on hunting, fishing, trapping, foraging, or preserving food
    • Home gardening solutions
    • Living as a modern nomad or through perpetual traveling
    • Communal living of various sorts
    • Alternative income sources (preferably legal)
    • General tips on how to live cheaply and simply
    • Means to living as free and detangled from the "system" as possible
    Or really anything else related to the above topic matters. Have any of you personally experimented with any of these modes of living and have some experiences to share? Any good articles, videos, or book recommendations also are welcome.
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  2. s3v

    s3v Member

    Monastic living is a pure approach to make harmony with the modern world wherein vows such as celibacy would be adopted. A life of private prayer and worship for spiritual contemplation can provide the subject with an inner simplicity enigmatic of the graceful disposition of Christ. Towards oneself, strict boundaries would always be placed; and correspondingly towards others, a strength that is gentle and giving to the touch would radiate outwards in a way that is fecund to spread about the divine. And finally, in relation to his divine master, he would continually display grateful servitude and awe.

    Ideally a life in the countryside with a small chapel on property would serve as peaceful material for this life of seclusion. Perhaps it is lacking a further undergirding element, yet is certainly a righteous endeavor.