Are Races A Biological Fact?

Discussion in 'Anthropology' started by Svíar, 8 June 2014.

  1. Svíar

    Svíar Heroic Member Sustaining Member

    A thread that to most of us hold a great importance.
    Are there biological proofs for the existence of race?
    Can we prove genetically that the white ''race'' is a race?
    Can we prove that there's such a genetical difference that's actually worth fighting for and preserve?

    I am here not talking about skincolour as proof but actual biological proof for the existence of a white race based on genetics and other empirical evidence and how we differ from the other ''races''.
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  2. Henrybot

    Henrybot Member

    Yes, except it is not 'black and white.';) It is an undeniable biological fact that people from different parts of the world have different sets of genes, and those sets of genes are highly correlated with ethnicity and geography of origin. Genetic variation between groups does not immediately hugely change except across major geographical barriers, such as the Sahara Desert, but is in general, a gradual shift and transition that is directly dependent upon geography of origin and evolutionary separation (or lack of) of different groups. This is misinterpreted by libtards, probably intentionally, as 'race doesn't exist.' They say that because race has a social aspect to determine which race an individual belongs, the entire concept doesn't exist itself. This is an outright lie. While it may be a social construct and a matter of opinion as to who is 'white,' ie. English, Italians, Jews, Arabs, Lebanese, mixture of the previous (all these groups are 'white' according to the US government), these groups absolutely differ from each other in measurable genetic terms. The further separated by time and space two groups' ethnogenesi were apart, the more they differ in genetic terms. For example, French and Latvians would assuredly be measurably more related to each other than Chinese and Nigerans are to each other. The 'social construct' part comes in when virtually everyone would consider French and Latvians to be 'white' because they are European.
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  3. Svíar

    Svíar Heroic Member Sustaining Member

    While that is a good answer and all I still don't see any evidence for your claims.
    May I request you post valind links to empirical evidence about the matter if such links can be found?
  4. Henrybot

    Henrybot Member

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  5. Svíar

    Svíar Heroic Member Sustaining Member

    Keep it coming. I never said I didn't believe in race, I merely want a source on the forum that proves it, a pool of knowledge on the subject.
  6. There is lots of evidence, The shape of skulls, DNA, the fact that people can only receive bone marrow or organs from someone of their own race.
    (and the fact that those who are mixed race find it almost impossible to find a match)
  7. Svíar

    Svíar Heroic Member Sustaining Member

    Then let's see those sources and links! :)
  8. VedicViking

    VedicViking Third Lieutenant Sustaining Member
    1. Britons

    Muh, just watch this:

    End of thread :D
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    I think that's pretty much the end of the line. Of recent works, I can recommend Nicholas Wade's A Troublesome Inheritance (thread from a while back ago here)- it convincingly provides a wealth of scientific and mostly undisputable evidence for the factual reality of race, driving a bulldozer over the liberal 'race is just a social construct' and 'humans stopped evolving before they left Africa' (in fact, evolution is as he puts it 'recent, copious and regional') bullshit.
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  10. Hrogar

    Hrogar Senior Member

    We don't need race. We only need ancestry!

    We are not bound because of a biological category that either exesits or doesn't, depending on fashion or political correctness.
    1. We all have parents, grandparents, ...
    2. Assume we calculate 25 for people to generate a new generation. Then, 2000 years ago each of us has 1.208.925.819.614.630.000.000.000 ancestors.
      In all of (pre-)history together there have never lived that many people. But intermarriage bound us in intertwined ancestry.
    3. It's ancestry that gives us birth.
    4. It's ancestry that gives us our body, mind and spirit.
    5. It's ancestry that gives a people their unique dasein and way of expression.
    6. It's ancestry that gives us the shoulders on which we stand. The shoulders of our ancestors that shaped Europe from the ice age to what it is today. With all it's flaws, glory and beauty, it's truly ours because of our ancestors.
    And we don't need biology or social sciences for this.
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