Are religions actually sun worship or is there more to it?

Discussion in 'Religion & Spirituality' started by hyperboreanwolf, 9 June 2018.

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    All of nature is symbolic and I believe the ancients understood this; so what might appear only as nature or sun worship to a modern mind is ontologically more deeper. Tradition, especially ancient paganism, takes its symbols and correspondences from nature, but that doesn't make it naturalism. Even in (traditional) Christianity, after Europeanization, the liturgical year was built around the natural cycles. It is not so much a case of borrowing than about 'traditionalization'. Early Christianity was nihilistic towards this cyclical understanding and the linear understanding of history is completely anti-traditional.

    This symbolic understanding of nature completely eludes the modern mind that has flattened and secularized the cosmos and makes it impossible to understand the traditional understanding of natural phenomena. This applies to modern pagan naturalism also.
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  2. Boreas

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    For example, the mundane fact that the sun appears to circle the earth is because from a certain traditional ontological perspective it really does so. Wolfgang Smith has written at length about this traditional geocentrism. Also the fact that the sun rises from the east and descends into the west makes the east benign and the west as malign in traditional symbolic understanding.
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    ;) Indeed from the from the primal mystery cults to modern Freemasonry lodges.
    Proof one again your one of the last true φυσικός around:beercheers:
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