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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Bast, 2 October 2018.

  1. Bast

    Bast Member Sustaining Member

    • Where are you from? Milwaukee, WI but I don't live there.
    • What are some of your interests? Fishing, cider, and old friends.
    • Do you have any general political, philosophical, ideological or spiritual/religious views that you would like to tell us about? I'm a preterist, like most in my tradition, so don't talk to me about the End Times. How do you look at the world? Christ is King, his Church is conquering. Do you have any specific intellectual influences? Some Church Fathers, John Calvin, John Bunyan, John Owen, Julius Evola, Thomas Carlyle, Oswald Spengler, Robinson Jeffers, JRR Tolkien, Clark Ashton Smith, Robert E Howard, and HP Lovecraft, Igor Shafarevich, computer role playing and war games.
    • What drew you to Lumine Boreali, and what do you hope to get out of a membership in our community? Community, and maybe insight.
    • Anything else you would like to say about yourself as a person? I don't believe in converting or hop-scotch.
  2. JonhOliver

    JonhOliver Member

    Welcome, can you explain what are you're views on preterism? I've never heard about it until now, so i'd like to know what you believe, or what books are there about the subject.
  3. Arboreality

    Arboreality Member

    Welcome to Lumine Boreali, Bast. I figured you were a Howard fan as soon as I saw your avatar. I'm a fan of his work as well, it's very electrifying with an amazing body of work. While not overly familiar with preterism, I do know that it's a Counter-Reformation sect that professed that certain New Testament prophecies came true within the lifespan of the apostles, as predicted. I also am aware that there's partial and full varieties, which are you, and generally I'd love to hear more.
  4. Bast

    Bast Member Sustaining Member

    I've never met an absolute preterist (full?), one who believes the resurrection of the saints has come and gone, or as among the unitarian universalists, who believe there is no second death at all (that's not the same as any preterist believes), that there is no future judgement day. We teach the destruction of Jerusalem was the climax of OT prophecy and the Olivet Discourse, and much of the Apocalypse is an idealistic view of King Jesus on his throne.

    I'll have to ask my elders or look in my presbytery's library for a book, as its something I've always been taught, despite some of our theologians holding to other views and hybrids over the years. I think in Reformed-Presbyterianism, who have always been firebrands, even had our own prophets, its likely we came to preterism separately from the counter-reformers, in response to RL Dabney's rapture theology and especially Scofield's Bible.
  5. Bast

    Bast Member Sustaining Member

  6. Werifesterian

    Werifesterian Senior Member

    Welcome, Bast!

    I am pleased to note we share the same tastes in fiction.
  7. Bast

    Bast Member Sustaining Member

    Then I'm definitely in the right place.
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