Bob Quinn's Atlantean

Discussion in 'Anthropology' started by Fenriskjeften, 7 July 2014.

  1. Fenriskjeften

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    Very Interesting!!!

    Platler like dancing at about 1:28?
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  2. Celtic Skogsra

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    Quinn seems a non-academic version of Barry Cunliffe.

    Reading about the similarity of Sean Nós singing to that of Turkic Tatars reminded me at first of the distribution of the wonderwurt #M-R-(Ŋ) for horse. Both mysteries.

    The single most widespread root for ‘horse’ globally is #m-r-(ŋ) which is recorded from the British Isles to Korea, into mainland SE Asia and also sub-Saharan Africa. It appears to be found in scattered South Asian languages but it will be argued that this is a coincidental similarity. With a distribution like this, it might seem to have spread out from a central point in the steppes both east and west, to account for this. Oddly, however, Indo-European words for ‘horse’ in the centre are apparently quite different (Hänsel & Zimmer 1994) and this root seems to have no reflexes in Kartvelian or North Caucasian.
    However it is absent in Turkic.
  3. The video seems to be private... Do you think you could find another source?
  4. Fenriskjeften

    Fenriskjeften Member

    I have Downloaded it myself so I will see what I can do if no online version is available.
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