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    Hello everyone,

    Imagine if, looking back at previous revolutions, such as the fall of Rome, or the French Revolution, the group of individuals who desired the change that was brought about compiled a work of their views and personal situations and motivations against the culture they despised.

    I've mentioned this in the shoutbox a few times in regards to our situation. I really think that history will look back at this point in time equal and opposite to how they viewed the modern Enlightenment, as a transitional stage for a radical change in civilization. So, I've been working on attempting to document this phenomenon/phenomena implicitly: that is, the phenomenon that we are all symbols of: a young European male that is unsettled by modern life and society, and becomes a reactionary.

    I figured the best way to do this would be to grab excerpts here and there to act as highlights of notable things that have been said on this forum, ranging from ideological arguments to personal spiritual experiences. There are about ten pages so far that is alright, but I don't want it to just be me rambling. I'm calling it Ad Infinitum, (Latin for "to infinity" for you plebs) because, by my estimation, the one similarity we all have is that we think there should be a transcendent purpose above and superior to all of man that he directs his gaze to, both individually and collectively. It's as specific and affirmative as I could title it without igniting a flame war between Christians and pagans or being reactive, critical, and bitchy and modernity.

    I'm very apprehensive about doing this right now, since it's so new and I'm hyper-paranoid about plagiarism, but here goes:

    I will edit this post as more gets appended. No quotes used are edited, and everyone is cited with their alias here. The purpose of this thread is to contribute. Really, anything: append a chapter here, insert a quote there, write up a short excerpt to be included into an entirely new chapter - whatever. If you ever feel the creative juices flowing and want to write about the modern world or Tradition, write something up and I'll throw it in. I am vaguely attempting to maintain a chronological flow, but if it turns out to be a chaotic splurge of random opinions all over the place, that'd be just fine.

    As of the latest edit, here's what it contains:

    I - Organic Culture
    Summary: It's a bit more reactive and critical here and there than I would've liked, but overall attempts to describe what's missing right now, and what's necessary for an organic culture to arise in a Traditional sense. It is by no means complete, so write up an effing rambly, ranting book about it and I'll throw it in there, please.

    II - Devotionism & Ascesis
    Summary: Inspired by a conversation and my motivations to Tradition in general, I described a path for the warrior archetype that is both Aryan in the sense of overcoming pettiness, evil and vain yet also Christian in a devotional and eternal motivation for this ascesis, with God as the motivation. I feel there was a great misunderstanding throughout history between more ascetic traditions (Indo-European traditions specifically) and a supposed dualism to Christianity. I believe it necessary and possible to converge the two to witness a true restoration, so I speak about that briefly.
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