Custer's Last Stand

Discussion in 'Warfare' started by Voxvot, 23 June 2015.

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    The cathedral narrative portrayal of George Armstrong Custer. Fop, dandy, incompetent and coward.

    This narrative is disputed by revisionists at

    Custer was betrayed and abandoned by jealous and inexperienced colleagues who lied at the subsequent inquest. The testimony of the Indians supports the heroic portrayal of Custer enshrined in Walt Whitman's masterpiece, From Far Dakota's Canyons.

    "Thou of the tawny flowing hair in battle,
    I erewhile saw, with erect head, pressing ever in front, bearing a
    bright sword in thy hand,
    Now ending well in death the splendid fever of thy deeds,
    (I bring no dirge for it or thee, I bring a glad triumphal sonnet,)
    Desperate and glorious, aye in defeat most desperate, most glorious,
    After thy many battles in which never yielding up a gun or a color,
    Leaving behind thee a memory sweet to soldiers,
    Thou yieldest up thyself."
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    Supposedly I had a member of extended family on my paternal grandmothers side that fought at Little Bighorn, and that's about as much as I know of it.
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