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    On one level it is rather funny - the Guardian and co are still running #metoo stories about so and so touching some actress's knee - but complete silence on this story.

    When Rotherham broke, the cosmopolitan luvvy types were concocting all kinds of explanations - toxic masculinity, this is a class issue not a race issues, the neglected north, tory cuts to social services et cetera - but this time around they are just not reporting it.

    Aside from the Mirror that originally broke this story, I have only seen Spiked, Reaction, and the Spectator reporting on it, and the first two are hardly mainstream (they only exist online).
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    The BBC have been particularly contemptible. When the news broke, the BBC didn't include it in any of their headlines for that day - and then one of the first stories they ran was to quote one of the police chiefs FROM THE TELFORD BRANCH ITSELF saying that the figures were exaggerated.

    His argument, incidentally, is fantastic: He claimed that Telford can't have 1000 victims because they are only working with 46 children on the basis of sexual exploitation at present, and then further added "What are they actually discussing? They're discussing cases from 20 or 30 years ago, offending back in the 1990s." Well, yes, genius, a child who was sexually exploited in the 90's is now no longer a child so they wont be under a CSE programme with the police - fantastic conclusion you utter prat.

    Anyway, there were reports of sexual exploitation for over 200 children in Telford from 2016-7 alone... so the 1000 figure aint that infeasible.
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    I read that article. The reason is simple: The Sexual Revolution. A young woman comes and tells you that she's been going out to parties where there's drinking and sex with older men... so, being progressives, they think its nothing to be concerned about.

    Promiscuity has always been the perfect cover for violence.
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