Divine Essence- A group claiming to be an authentic school of hermetism

Discussion in 'Esotericism' started by JonhOliver, 16 August 2018.

  1. JonhOliver

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    This is their website:


    From reading some of the articles there, they seem to be legit and have a good understanding of tradition. They're not connected to Golden Dawn, Freemasonry or any other modern occultist or new age groups. Their path is based on hermetic philosophers like Hermes Trimegisto, their other major influence seem to be neoplatonism and the greek mistery schools.
    They accept students and give online classes. While this obviously cannot constitute any sort of initiation, given that there´s no rites, i'm still interested in at least sending them an email, since it's not like i'm going to lose anything.
    Has any of you have contact with the people from this group? What´s your opinion on them, and is it worth joining their online classes?
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