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Discussion in 'Community Sections' started by VedicViking, 15 April 2014.

  1. fschmidt

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    One should read Homer and Thucydides before Plato, and Aristophanes after Plato to get the contrary view. I side with Aristophanes against Plato.
  2. Azaeroe

    Azaeroe Member

    I change my mind- the goal is to produce someone who would otherwise enter ἀριστοκρατία as defined in the eighth book of Plato's Republic- & the emphasis would be predominantly on the reading of aforementioned in Attic. The rest I would leave up to him to do as he wishes- Of course the reality of 21st century Occidental civilisation is such that we are in the penultimate stage of retardation- Καλλίπολις does not exist & so I will be preparing him for nothing but hardship in a world of meaningless mercantile interactions.

    I have had enough of internet undercaste/outcaste philistines on various servers who worship currency so I am going to retreat from those websites for some time.

    It would seem the reality of politics has been paralysed upon a path of Liberalism since the introduction of American foreign policy in France by Woodrow Wilson. Isn't this the general view espoused by Francis Fukuyama which was borrowed from Hegel & Marx but altered? If it truly is the case then the thought of having a child who would otherwise be a member of ἀριστοκρατία honestly fills me with anxiety.
  3. Pachakuti_Runa

    Pachakuti_Runa Junior Member

    The Muqqadimah by Ibn Khaldun
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