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  1. Coram Satanae

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    Eugenics being the empirical practice of mate selection so that offspring inherit positive traits and continue selection for such. Verified as a proper science by the breeding of animals and plants into the kinds that we can see with our own eyes.

    The consequences thereof being important to civilization. Since it is true that the traits responsible for maintaining a society and civilization are inheritable, then it is of supreme purpose that eugenics should be implemented to prevent a society from becoming a pathology unto itself.

    Your thoughts?
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  2. Pangloss

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    We have already have de facto eugenics all but in name. The NHS loves flogging abortion options for everything from cerebral palsy and down syndrome to foetal alcohol spectrum disorder and hair lip. I'm pretty sure this same utilitarian culture of death pervades other health systems in Western Europe, Russia and the USA (we will just ignore China and friends where it is explicit and unabashed).
  3. Azaeroe

    Azaeroe Member

    Plato seemed okay with it...
  4. Coram Satanae

    Coram Satanae Member

    If that was even slightly the case every single pakistani would be dog food and useless celebrities like Savile, Sadiq Khan, Christopher Hitchens, Piers Morgan and the royal family would have been lobotomized for display in a psychological diorama the day it was obvious that they were parasites.
  5. Pangloss

    Pangloss Senior Member

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  6. Manu

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    Eugenics is only needed if there is too much civilization. I.e. not freedom. In a genuinely free world, the ignoble, stupid and weak have a much harder time.

    If the world broke down - and it likely will when we run out of oil, barring a miracle - and went back to tribal roots amd very few laws except for the natural traditions that work, the world would stop moving towards idiocracy and start improving again for the first time in thousands of years.

    Eugenics in the form of not mixing higher caste blood with lower may be a good thing. Problems often start with a possible upwards mobility. Just a thought. When action intensifies into violence, some will rise and lead others. Those prepared. Those will be noble, because they earned it. Some will follow and do right. Those will be warriors. Some will do nothing now or later and they will likely die off en masse. Barring a miracle, as said.

    If we ran into benevolent aliens who gave us zero point energy and efficient ways to feed humanity without poisoning our planet to death, for example. Without that, we are dead in the water in a maximum of a couple of decades and likely before that. Peak Oil was achieved in 2009. The world as we know it is living on borrowed and increasingly limited time.
  7. s3v

    s3v Member

    Getting really sick of biological reductionism in the Rightosphere. Either values originate from the metaphysical or you're a materialist.
  8. Manu

    Manu Señor Member Sustaining Member
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    You mean claiming that everything is biological (physical) and only that?

    In that case, yeah. There is clearly a case of many factors, not just one. And we are not on a level where we understand even all of the most pertinent information. We are not even certain about why or by whom we were created. At the very least, humanity is hardware and software. We were created and we are connected through the divine wifi.

    Certain hardware requires certain software to run properly. Some software can only be run on certain hardware. Some hardware is better or faster in processing, memory, storage or connection. Some is archaic, some is newer. This seeming importance of biological hardware is the root of why many think it is the only truth. They often fail to see we are created and parts of a whole, or connected.

    I am of the opinion that there is of course malware and genuinely bad equipment which is the result of butchering hardware and software of different kinds and putting together virtual Frankenstein's monsters. Which is essentially saying we know best and spitting in the general direction of our creator(s) who made us separate. Imagine how pissed off the boss of the office would be if someone butchered half of the computers and mangled them together with xerox machines and the guidance system from the nearby car wash and installed into the useless crap some hodgepodge code that does nothing? The sum of the parts is clearly no longer divine, even if the origin of the parts are.

    There is also the inactive DNA in us which some say we can activate through higher dimensional awareness through raising our vibration. There is something to that. I do believe such endeavors have certain system requirements and needs a connection to the divine.

    But, granted, these things should not be reduced to something simple. It is very complex and not fully understood, however much we try to glean more insight.
  9. s3v

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    Do you not see what you are doing? The analogies you gave described machinery of all things to bestow value on spiritual matters. Qualitative characteristics can only be reflected in the physical realm, not explained solely by physical chatacteristics.

    Think about this. A value of the cross in Christianity is sacrifice. Don't you see an issue if I were to begin talking about what type of wood the cross was made up of and how that implied its superiority? You can talk about material, but you have to start with the metaphysical first. Do you see the distinction between these two?

    I. We shall build a castle. This will be the strongest castle, for it shall last the longest and be most resilient to invasion. That way, this land shall forever be ours.

    II. We shall build a castle. This castle shall represent eternity. Its bricks will never fall, just as the spirit of man never will. Its structure will be resilient to invasion, for this is holy soil.

    The first is modern. It has nothing to do with the metaphysical. You are merely looking at the aesthetics of certain traditions and clinging to the material contextualizations rather than the undergirding principles that are the source for them. Not only were these only fit for a specific time and set of circumstances, but you aren't even utilizing the support for them. It's just romanticism. This is why I hate NatSoc too, it's the exact same shit. People looking at material factors like scientific racism and the economy and thinking it's somehow antimodern. And even if it wasn't, it will always look different in a different period of history and geographical area. Genetics are reflections of light radiating from a sun. You think that modifying the reflection will somehow reinvigorate the power behind the sun.

    It's just like Evola's Race of the Spirit. You are reducing everything to the lowest of the three components.
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  10. Manu

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    1. Norden
    2. Knights of the Iron Cross

    I believe that if we sat down and hashed out some misunderstandings, we would fundamentally agree. I am sorry if my analogy made you upset. I do get what you mean.
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