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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Coram Satanae, 10 July 2018.

  1. Coram Satanae

    Coram Satanae Member

    Eugenics being the empirical practice of mate selection so that offspring inherit positive traits and continue selection for such. Verified as a proper science by the breeding of animals and plants into the kinds that we can see with our own eyes.

    The consequences thereof being important to civilization. Since it is true that the traits responsible for maintaining a society and civilization are inheritable, then it is of supreme purpose that eugenics should be implemented to prevent a society from becoming a pathology unto itself.

    Your thoughts?
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  2. Pangloss

    Pangloss Senior Member

    We have already have de facto eugenics all but in name. The NHS loves flogging abortion options for everything from cerebral palsy and down syndrome to foetal alcohol spectrum disorder and hair lip. I'm pretty sure this same utilitarian culture of death pervades other health systems in Western Europe, Russia and the USA (we will just ignore China and friends where it is explicit and unabashed).
  3. Azaeroe

    Azaeroe Member

    Plato seemed okay with it...
  4. Coram Satanae

    Coram Satanae Member

    If that was even slightly the case every single pakistani would be dog food and useless celebrities like Savile, Sadiq Khan, Christopher Hitchens, Piers Morgan and the royal family would have been lobotomized for display in a psychological diorama the day it was obvious that they were parasites.
  5. Pangloss

    Pangloss Senior Member

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  6. Manu

    Manu SeƱor Member

    Eugenics is only needed if there is too much civilization. I.e. not freedom. In a genuinely free world, the ignoble, stupid and weak have a much harder time.

    If the world broke down - and it likely will when we run out of oil, barring a miracle - and went back to tribal roots amd very few laws except for the natural traditions that work, the world would stop moving towards idiocracy and start improving again for the first time in thousands of years.

    Eugenics in the form of not mixing higher caste blood with lower may be a good thing. Problems often start with a possible upwards mobility. Just a thought. When action intensifies into violence, some will rise and lead others. Those prepared. Those will be noble, because they earned it. Some will follow and do right. Those will be warriors. Some will do nothing now or later and they will likely die off en masse. Barring a miracle, as said.

    If we ran into benevolent aliens who gave us zero point energy and efficient ways to feed humanity without poisoning our planet to death, for example. Without that, we are dead in the water in a maximum of a couple of decades and likely before that. Peak Oil was achieved in 2009. The world as we know it is living on borrowed and increasingly limited time.