Fighting with weapons

Discussion in 'Warfare' started by Svíar, 13 May 2014.

  1. Svíar

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    Let's post and share tips on fighting with weapons, all sorts.

    Non-western but still very good.
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  2. renownedwolf

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    Technically that isn't a polehammer,(lucerne hammer or 'bec de corbin' crows beak) it is too short and lacks the spike on the end like pole axes, it's just a warhammer. A lot of those moves are more effective with a longer weapon but the principles remain the same. Though the likelihood would be that you would be armoured in a harness and facing similarly armed opponents could be quite high, so half-swording would be a likely technique for the sword wielder to get the point of the sword into gaps in the armour. Like this..

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  3. renownedwolf

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