Genealogy. Do you have any famous ancestors?

Discussion in 'History' started by Manu, 4 February 2014.

  1. Werifesterian

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    The Plantagenets, in fact.
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    Well looks like I've made some discoveries since my last post in this thread. First, I was wrong about my direct paternal ancestors location...he isn't from Etal, Northumberland. All I know for certain now is that he was from Scotland and came to America in the 1750s or 60s. Based on my research, various details, and modern surname distributions, I'd wager he was from Cunninghame/North Ayrshire or possibly either Arran or Bute. The particular family held a feudal barony in the Middle Ages in Ayrshire, may have connections with William Wallace, and later another branch would rise to Earls and Marquesses but given the dates of the enfeoffment I doubt that I am connected to them.

    That aside, I've found out the colonist John Washburn of Massachusetts is my ancestor and most genealogists believe he also descends from medieval English and thence other European nobility/royalty.

    Further discoveries include finding out Peter Minuit, director of New Netherlands colony and purchaser of Manhattan Island, is one of my ancestors. Also discovered that John Endecott, governor of Massachusetts Bay colony and Puritan extremist is my ancestor through his son Dr. Zerubbabel Endicott, author of a medical text and accused rapist apparently. Another ancestor recently found is Sarah Rapelje, first European Christian female born in New Netherlands.

    Finally of less note but still interesting was tracing a line leading to Thomas Carwythan and John Mayhew, the first a minor Cornish gentleman who got tied in the with the family of the latter who held lands in Otterham in Cornwall.
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  3. Manu

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    1. Norden
    2. Knights of the Iron Cross

    Found out more since last. I am descended from Fale hin Bure and thus a plethora of other viking age chieftains and kings. I recently went to where the kings in Njurunda used to reside (Nolby), held alvablót and spoke with them, that was very special. I don't think any of their ancestors have done so in quite some time. I could really tell it was appreciated, so I will go there more. I wrote about it right afterwards in Swedish on my VK. It was something else.
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