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Hello from Portugal

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by JonhOliver, 24 July 2018.

  1. JonhOliver

    JonhOliver Junior Member

    Hi, i'm a 16 year old boy of Portuguese ancestry and i live in Northern Portugal.
    I found out about this site from looking at the friends section in Gornahoor, and after reading some threads in here i decided to join due to the high quality of the posting in here.
    I started becoming interested in far right ideas by the time i was 13, where i began watching documentaries like the greatest story never told and browsing sites like the daily Stormer. Since then, my worldview has become much more advanced, a lot of it thanks to Iron march which has stopped existing, and i have begun reading books from Evola, Plato, Guenon, Savitri Devi, etc.. and became interested in Religion and Metaphysics. Currently i don't identify consider myself has a member of any religion, although i was baptized so i'm technically a Catholic but i don't practice, which is something that i would like to change and i would like to get some guidance from the more knowledgeable members in here about it.
    My main hobbies are reading, playing videogames, hiking,anime(yes i know, but everybody needs something to their mind of things). I've also begun writing some fictional stories, and i plan to continue since i've already got lots of ideas written down. I also do exercise almost daily, mostly weightlifting and Running.
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  2. Azaeroe

    Azaeroe Member

    you're very young


    hopefully the more erudite members of these fora help you out but it has gotten quiet around here
  3. JonhOliver

    JonhOliver Junior Member

    This place does seem to have died a little bit, which is quite sad given how intelligent most of the people here seem to be. My problem with websites like the daily stormer and other similar ones, are that they limit their worldview to the most basic level of being against non-whites and wanting to put women in the kitchen. Not to try and sound arrogant or like some kind of intellectual, but i appreciate the discussions on this forum about the more esoteric side of traditionalism and fascism.
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  4. RabGospodnyy

    RabGospodnyy Junior Member

    Greetings! Great to see that Traditionalism has managed to captivate the mind of someone who is as young as you. I hope that your time here will be enlightening!
  5. Azaeroe

    Azaeroe Member

    post some thing here -


    that is where discourse - if any - will take place

    the more shy scholarly types may have been frightened away by your comments on anime
  6. Airyanem Vaejah

    Airyanem Vaejah Junior Member

    Greetings. I can't recommend anything better than Meister Eckhart in the Catholic tradition. Don't get discouraged by the allegations of hereticism, he was definitely a realized master and no exoterist will ever change that. Also, 'The Ladder of Divine Ascent' by John Climacus is something well worth looking into. Also, 'The Destruction of Christian Tradition' by Rama Coomaraswamy is an important read to understand the current situation in the Church, which is sadly very grave. The tools are certainly still there. But I think it is pretty much a lonely path nowadays (like any other authentic spiritual path). Titus Colliander's 'The Way of Ascetics' is a helpful little book also. He is Orthodox himself, but I think that the book is universal enough to be of much help. Take care and may God help you.
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