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Help, I am trapped in modern psychology. What would Rene Guenon advise?

Discussion in 'Religion & Spirituality' started by InternetDarkAge, 12 July 2018 at 21:53.

  1. InternetDarkAge

    InternetDarkAge Junior Member

    Rene Guenon views modern psychology as superfluous at best, and very dangerous black magic at worst -- that is perhaps a given. I am not asking this question for the conclusion. What I am looking for is the deeper explanation, which involves the subtle order of things influencing the corporeal world.

    I hope my question is not too vague. I am mired in confusion over these matters and am desperately looking for answers. I fear that after nearly a decade of being an enthusiast of psychology, and self-identifying as "socially anxious", that it has blinded me to the real reason why people cause me stress and panic. During this time, I fervently believed that thinking my way out of stress and panic, silently debating in endless self-dialogue, silently debating the "irrationality" of such a fear, would eventually, one day, lead me to peace. What a disaster!

    I fear I've lost the path back to reality. Having adopted the airs, the vocabulary, the rituals of psychology, and having bound myself to this frame of mind so completely, I feel terror at the possibility that I have sealed myself shut in an illusory world, from which there is no escaping.

    What is left for a man who took the wrong path, and who, like Dante, has gotten lost in a dark forest? Sometimes I think if I retrace my steps by examining my history, this will be a sufficient starting point to an effective explanation. But is this really possible? Could Dante simply retrace his steps (a decade worth of steps, in my case) to retrieve the forest entrance? Or have things degenerated to such an extent that even this is impossible?

    What is the way forward?

    Thank you.
  2. InternetDarkAge

    InternetDarkAge Junior Member

    These concerns recently arose after beginning to read Guenon's "The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times". I posted this topic yesterday when my terror and confusion were reaching feverishness. Today I reached Chapter 34, "The Misdeeds of Psychoanalysis", and Mr. Guenon's explanation of things has had an effect on me. The confusion does not seem as insoluble.

    I do not know what was intended with this topic -- again, this was posted in a rather feverish state --, but if anyone reads this and is facing a comparable dilemma, perhaps we can begin a correspondence to discuss these things in more detail.

    Thank you.
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  3. fschmidt

    fschmidt Senior Member

    I am not a fan of Rene Guenon, but I would say that any traditional religion should work as a cure for your issue.