Help, I am trapped in modern psychology. What would Rene Guenon advise?

Discussion in 'Religion & Spirituality' started by InternetDarkAge, 12 July 2018.

  1. Attempt to illustrate the modern Westerner's experience in trying to control the mind:
    A man fumbles in the dark, attempting to saddle a horse. He is ready to give up when a voice speaks to him. He accepts this voice as his own, a voice from within. His voice tells him how to saddle the horse. It tells him where to place his hands and where to place his feet. He listens to his voice, because he is alone in the dark.
    At last he is atop the horse. He gives thanks for such inspiration and rides off into the ... sunset? ... into the light? ... no, for he is in the dark. And though he thinks he rides alone, he is mistaken, for the dark conceals many things.
    The voice was not his voice at all, but one of many voices that swarm in the dark like worms in a jar, searching for a new doorway. The voice having found its door follows the man as he rides off into the dark.
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