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    Right of residence for victims of right-wing violence
    Victims of racist and right-wing violence will in future receive a humanitarian right to stay in Thuringia. This is regulated by a decree of the Thuringian Ministry for Migration, Justice and Consumer Protection, which will enter into force on 1 June 2018.

    "The number of violent crimes remains worryingly high, victims are often people with a migrant background," says Minister Dieter Lauinger (Alliance 90 / The Greens). "We consider it necessary to improve the situation of those affected by a human rights right to stay."

    The decree applies to foreigners who have no right of residence and who have become victims of a violent crime with considerable consequences. Crimes under the decree include, for example, breaches of the peace, sexual offenses, assaults and homicides. There must be evidence of victimization based on nationality, ethnicity, color or religion. The victim receives a toleration of initially six months. The regulations do not apply if an act was simulated or provoked.

    "The creation of a stable living situation for the victims is also important for the conduct of criminal proceedings against the perpetrators," says Lauinger. "The education and prosecution of all forms of right-wing extremist or racist violent crime should not be hindered by a possible deportation of a witness."

    "The state government is committed to its responsibility towards people who have been victims of racist and right-wing motivated acts," says the Thuringian Commissioner for Integration, Migration and Refugees, Mirjam Kruppa. "The decree is an important sign for the people who seek security with us. In this way, we want to provide those affected with security and protection after their experience of violence. It is good that Thuringia is taking this step. It complements an active integration policy that supports encounters and thus also helps to reduce prejudices. "
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