How Ezra created Judaism

Discussion in 'Religion & Spirituality' started by fschmidt, 14 October 2018.

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    WENT bad! Lord, forgive my anger.

    If something originates in Caananite religion and generally inside of semitic religion as a whole, including child sacrifices to Moloch/Milqart/Baal/Yahweh (same)... I think "went bad" either includes going into evil unimaginable to any normal human being, or it is mistaken to begin with. It always was very, very bad, from start to finish. Which in turn is why so many hate it and its practicioners with a passion when they actually know anything about it, unless they believe in the facade like good goyim.

    God, I wish it was not like that, but it is and it is far from baseless. That Moloch bullshit continues to this day in secret. An open secret what with all the testimonies and proof floating around. It is also the basis for kabbalist freemasonry. This is why the Romans were outraged and burned Carthage to the ground, killed bloody well everyone and sowed the ground with salt. Those evil sons of bitches worshiped Milqart, which is Moloch. It is hard for most people to even begin to imagine that kind of horror even existing in this world. The natural instinct within the breast of any moral man, when faced with this evil, is to kill it dead most expediently. Which is my general attitude towards anything from that region except thoroughly europeanized Christianity, which retains pretty much nothing from its less than glorious origins. I am politely neutral towards that, but think it is not ideal. Unless one argues that Christianity comes from a Galilean (European) root, and not a semitic one. I don't know which way is correct, so I do not bother with elaborate theological constructs and word mincing.

    If this is offensive, it is because of ignorance on part of the reader. Look up the origins of judaism and the cult of Moloch. That ought to clear things up a bit and explain a lot of "blood libel" from that day to this. If someone who reads about this do not know about the evil occult practices within judaism, study it. All those stories of child sacrifice and paedophilia are true. I have no sore consciousness for wanting to completely eradicate that particular evil from the face of the earth. It is a most noble endeavor in the eyes of anyone who sees beyond the web of lies. It should have been finalized two thousand years ago or more, but sadly wasn't thorough enough.

    Many jews are probably unaware and some are perhaps even good people. You don't seem all that terrible or dishonest, for one, so don't take the rant personally. Perhaps you don't know better or can't go beyond and escape your identity altogether. I get that many, maybe even most are trying to do what is right from within their deeply rooted identity. While staying in it. I pity those who genuinely do not know better and who within their midst harbor these rabbinical monsters. I do not know to which extent the rot infests that people, but it is likely more than meets the eye.

    Anything with origins in semitic and punic religion ought to be burned away most thoroughly. Trying to recreate some type of proto-judaism in full would just do away with the modern subterfuge and become open about the ritual rape and murder of innocent children. I can really appreciate Cato the Elder's insistence on destroying Carthage. Ending every speech in the Senate with: Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam. Furthermore, I think Carthage must be destroyed.

    I was there for that, and I was there last time when we tried to take out the trash, as well. I will be there again and again and again like a relentless hound of vengeance until that horror is gone from the world. If that is not a higher purpose in life, I really do not know what is!

    Christ on a raft! Went bad! That evil cult is the same as it always was. It is rare for me to have choleric fits of rage, these days, but that one really got me going. If it were anything but ugly, wrong and evil, my attitude could be called pathological, but since it is what it is, I won't ever apologize for it or retract it for any reason. I will die first. Again and again and again.

    Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam!
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    The Old Testament fully shares your dislike of Canaanite culture and religion, and warned the Israelites against absorbing any of this. To the degree that Judaism did absorb some of this, it was contrary to what the Old Testament taught.

    It is important to understand that the Canaanites were just one group of many in the Middle East at that time. It is likely that much of the Old Testament religion actually came from Egyptian monotheism. The Egyptians were not Canaanites. Egyptian culture is the founding culture of the West and Egyptians spread all over the West including to Europe. Both Jews and Europeans have both a cultural and genetic inheritance from the Ancient Egyptians.
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