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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Valvar, 10 September 2014.

  1. Due to the threshold that it seems many experience when faced with the introduction requirement, we are now with this thread also making it possible to simply make a post here rather than creating a dedicated introduction thread. Hopefully it will reduce the pressure felt by some.

    Here are some quick starter points that you can look over, in case you're not sure what to write about:

    • How you found out about Reactionary politics and/or Traditionalism
    • What convinced you (or if you're not convinced, what's hindering you)?
    • Interests, sports, martial arts or similiar that you practice, authors that you enjoy reading
    • Stuff you've done, links to content by you that is available on the net
    • Religious views, and how you reached them
    • What you expect and want from your time here (ideas and suggestions much appreciated)
    Simply reply to this thread, or create a new one if you feel like it. Thanks for joining us!
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  2. dameon chase

    dameon chase Junior Member

    Greetings from the uk .
    Never sure what to write on these things but here goes ( also please excuse my spelling, always had a problem with it ) , well I m 28 I live in the uk.
    I try to keep the old pagan faith (vikeing) . I have a love of music partculay rock music I play bass and guitar. I like to read mostly fantasy(medieval times where better then) I have a collection of swords long swords i love to practise with them normal a katana running bushido kata's. i also have a strong intrest in martial arts kick boxing karate, judo,wrestling (roman grecko .) i have several black belts and train more or less everyday with the idea that physical well being and clarty of mind are needed in a trubulent world.i also enjoy hunting but always have a respect for nature.i hope to meet like minded people here. i m sure I've missed something but if that's the case please feel free to ask me i wont bite (often lol.

    Regards Dameon
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  3. Garry Heidorn

    Garry Heidorn Recruit

    I am 45, I live in the US. I started learning about Traditionalism on Facebook of all the most unlikely places. I have been reading and learning about the old Germanic viking traditions and ways of worship for the past couple of years. I am by no means an expert. I have served in the Army for the past 21 years and looking toward to getting out of it and the horrible politics involved as well. I am looking forward to learning and growing beyond what the modern world has to offer.
  4. Joshua Smith

    Joshua Smith Recruit

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  5. Riardd

    Riardd Member

    Greetings all,

    I gradually became more attuned to the Traditionalist worldview via various sources, mainly on the web (various Facebook threads, groups, pages, etc.), and also by delving into the specifically traditionalist Christian material both on the web and in book form. Simultaneously, this was also about a quest in trying to gauge what kind of genuine paganism was out there, having become disillusioned with the neopagan crowd. Looking at the evidence through the lens of traditional Catholic/Orthodox source material a more accurate assessment was made on pre-Christian heathenism, but the added benefit was also to discover more of the Evolian solar logos embedded within the Christian tradition. I was able to get more of a bigger picture glance at Indo-European (meta)history and that philosophy, theology, history, politics, et al, that it encompasses. In this sense I was convinced I was on the right path, as it were.

    My interests span a wide conceptual field: theology, philosophy, history, politics (you can add the "meta-" prefix to these fields as well). Physical activities include basketball (formerly, less so currently), medieval weaponry, sword/shield fighting, fencing, etc.

    Favorite authors (mixed, different genres) include Tolkien, Evola, Guenon, A. Coomaraswamy, G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, R. Scott Bakker...others I can't name off the top of my head

    I am a traditional Orthodox Christian, but I do have a strong sympathy with ancient pagan values, specifically of the Germanic variety, foremost because I love my ancestral tradition in this regard. So I have secondary "dual-faith" loyalties. I personally love the concept of the Solar Path which Evola in particular lays out with conviction. I desire to find a "unifying field" between genuine Christianity and Paganism, and so I believe learning all I can about the Primordial Solar Tradition, as it were, may help tremendously in my quest.

    I expect to gain insight from this online community here, and hopefully I can also provide some interesting material as well.
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  6. A. Pinochet

    A. Pinochet Junior Member

    Greetings to all:

    It is rare of me to say this but I would like to declare that it is a truly an honour to be amongst you all. Verily, a platform for those who seek a return to the morals and values of a time when we were perhaps at our very apex of achievement, scientific progress notwithstanding, is one destined to be an agora of the most fruitful discussion in these highly troubled times.

    I know not how to organise a proper organisation so as to divulge as much information about my beliefs and experiences so as to expedite the rate at of which I shall acquaint myself with you all, and I do hope that this will be a pleasing read to you and not one that demands a "TL;DR", but here goes:

    From a young age, I have held a deep interest for History and a similar fondness for the aesthetics of most aspects of the Western world prior to the advent of the 20th century. It all began with the Greeks, the Romans, and then came Western Christian civilisation, in addition to the Age of Imperialism, which I would attest to be perhaps the greatest era of humanity (except for the rise of socialism, which was a most unfortunate consequence that I deplore to this very day).

    A friend of mine once told me that if one did not feel drawn to socialism or communism in his early teens, then one is likely devoid of empathy, and, in his own words, naught but a "machine". I, however, begged to differ, what with my recognition of the inherent fact that socialism was inherently flawed by serving as an antithesis to the adage, "You reap what you sow". In the meantime I had also begun to notice that there was a growing unrest in politics, what with the fact that most individuals whom I was acquainted with were perfectly fine with dismantling the traditional institution of marriage, one of which has bound together the most basic unit of society and the individual as a whole, that being the family. They found it normal for a couple to have a child without becoming married, and I vehemently objected. That was most likely my first foray into traditionalism.

    As a believer in natural rights, I, of course, became disgusted with several of the causes that the Liberal movement had pushed for, and as political correctness and societal degeneracy worsened, I had only become more irate. I would argue that my political beliefs have barely evolved to this day. Everything around me bothered me considerably, from what my family watched on television, to popular trends, to the way individuals around me dressed and acted.

    As a Roman Catholic, I too have become increasingly frustrated with the Pope's veering from tradition. I am part of my Tridentine Mass community and seek to continue whatever efforts I am putting in at the moment for the restoration of tradition to my diocese as a whole.

    All in all, my frustration from the degeneracy of the world in general has caused me great distress, and in my distress I sought out for hope. And hope did come in the form of a few traditionalist Facebook pages, which I follow from time to time, but it was clear to me that I had to do more than staring and liking random pages as I believe firmly that I could certainly do more for the cause. Albeit how we are not necessarily united under one banner, we have a common goal, that being the restoration of traditionalist values. As such, I sought out a forum wherein I could engage in discussions concerning traditionalism and even maybe perhaps partake in the writing of a document that could very well unify and cement our beliefs, if there is not already an existing document. And that is the tale of how I came upon this forum.

    My interests primarily are: History (& Historiography), Linguistics (studying Proto-Indo-European at the moment), Economics (I'm a strong Austrian) and Philosophy. I would not call myself an expert in Theology but nevertheless if you seek to discuss it with me, it would be an absolute pleasure. I also have a deep interest in Slavic culture, languages and history, or perhaps North-Central Eastern Europe in general.

    Languages: English (native), IPA, semi-fluent in Russian & French, decent understanding of Latin grammar

    Favourite Authors: Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Adam Smith, Jules Verne, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Henryk Sienkiewicz, Dante Alighieri, and some others who I can't name off the top of my head.

    An absolute pleasure to meet you all. Ave.
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  7. fschmidt

    fschmidt Senior Member

    If you come to realize that modern Roman Catholicism is a lost cause, as I think it is, then I hope you look at other options with an open mind. I am ethnically jewish and was raised as a liberal atheist, but I didn't let any of this interfere with my search for the best solution. In my opinion, Conservative Mennonites offer the best current solution, and I plan to associate with a Conservative Mennonite community even though I am not Christian.
  8. A. Pinochet

    A. Pinochet Junior Member

    I've considered a conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy several times, but I haven't lost hope in the tenets of the Traditionalist Catholic movement yet. I'm not a sedevacantist, but whether I convert will depend on whether the Pope issues any anti-traditionalist statements ex cathedra, in which case Eastern Orthodoxy would be a far better choice.
  9. Raisin

    Raisin Senior Member Staff Member

    The English stance on this matter is a lot more palatable: Sedeprivationism.
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  10. Pangloss

    Pangloss Senior Member

    Do you think corruption in the Church is something new? There have been heretical Popes and Cardinals before, but the Church is more than the individuals in it. If you are seriously considering abandoning the faith, or jumping ship to the Schismatics, because of a dodgy Argentinian Pope, I seriously question your original commitment to Catholicism.
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