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Introduction Thread

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Valvar, 10 September 2014.

  1. fschmidt

    fschmidt Senior Member

    The Historic Church: An Orthodox View of Christian History

    I have read a few books on Orthodoxy including "The Orthodox Church" by Kalistos Ware, but the above book is my favorite since it puts things in historical perspective. (Note that I am not Christian.)
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  2. Santiago Odo

    Santiago Odo Junior Member

    Located in South America. Originally American. Interst in Vedic religious modes. Then discovered Perennialism. Gravitated to Catholicism of a traditionalist sort but still feel most linked, conceptually, to a Vedic metaphysical order.

    Politics: on an ideological level semi-fascist I suppose.

    I am interested to understand if a synthesis is possible between traditional Catholicism and Veda. To what degree can they mesh? Who else thinks in these terms?

    I’d go on but it is late.

    Sincere regards,

    Santiago Odo
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  3. s3v

    s3v Member

    • How you found out about Reactionary politics and/or Traditionalism
    Continuously being baffled at the intense levels of sheepishness everyday people partake in, and noticing it all being biased towards one direction.
    • What convinced you (or if you're not convinced, what's hindering you)?
    The instant I read a paragraph of Julius Evola, I knew in my bones that everything about Traditionalism was right.
    • Interests, sports, martial arts or similiar that you practice, authors that you enjoy reading
    I'm a software engineer, as weird as that sounds to be coupled with a Traditionalist. However, software development encapsulates many core values of Traditionalism. Life always exists in dichotomous states, an on and off, a low and high vibration, an everything and nothing, creation and destruction. Shades of gray in between are merely moving across this dichotomous spectrum. It could be said that life is binary. Additionally, the power behind creating software is an affirmative, resounding "yes" to life, wherein true beauty exists and can be created; it's the "on" domain, the "everything" domain. The key part to Traditionalism is implicitly saying "yes" to something - instead of just criticizing the world around you and saying what you don't stand for, you are making a statement about what you do stand for. This concept can also be applied quite easily to meta-politics; democracy, for example, is a "no", as almost every argument for it boils down to a criticism of authoritarianism; it is weakness, just a reaction. When you are building something, you are encompassing the opposite; you are beholding a strength from within, and instead making an affirmation towards life. Software is a great place to do this as the only limit of what you can create is the power of the technology at the time.
    • Stuff you've done, links to content by you that is available on the net
    Every time I do this I feel like a shill.
    • Religious views, and how you reached them
    Even walking down the most strangest of streets, the church bell ringing puts one at home.

    This topic depresses me. No religions that exist today are traditional enough. I deeply yearn for a world that has no separation of church and state, and everything that is expressed religiously is merely implicit; that is, a religion that is non-ideological, and is solely symbolic (for example, the cross in Christianity being a symbol for sacrifice). I have attended numerous churches and all it consists of are priests moaning on about loving African refugees and remembering to partake in democracy. Attending that nonsense "just because" is a waste of my fucking time. I also don't believe in "it's better than nothing". Give me a church with full authoritative power to throw outcasts into a death-pit or give me death. Need I say more?
    • What you expect and want from your time here (ideas and suggestions much appreciated)
    To bond.
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  4. Coram Satanae

    Coram Satanae Member

    Greeting, tradicals of the world from the depths of rural Yankland.

    I am a self-taught traditionalist in search of the truth concerning my natural caste and thus, personal destiny. I have started myself into the spiritual tradition of the Fili-ollamhacht while studying and incorporating vast bodies of knowledge into my works for two years from any reputable source I can possibly find. I have handwritten in their classical tongues, Hellenic, Roman, Daoist, Persian, Semitic, Nordic, Irish and other ancient/medieval matters of manuscripts by own hand to study them in depth. From a mere interest in history I have found meaning and purpose in their words and the deeds of those who actually lived in the better ages long past to implement in the present and future.

    Constant contact with the fully-fledged nihilistic world of modernism and all it's falsehoods was enough for me to reject it as early as secondary school. I am now fully divorced from the mainstream excuse for life's meaning and live [as best I can] with God. I became fully realised when dwelling in a hut by myself for a few days with my books to read. I became a fascist when I found the will to survive by my own tools while spending these days.

    I can hunt, fish, forage and build almost anything. I have some experience with smithing and have cast a few spoons, needles, nails and other basic items from scrap. I practice spear and knife throwing. I have some tracking skills and make maps of any wilderness I need to visit.

    I don't have much to say about what I have done that is not already said. Exploration and paleo-construction are pretty much the only major things I do.

    I am a deist because the idea of deity makes sense to me. I have some beliefs in common with organised religions, but I am not convinced they retain the whole truth.

    To meet others who seek adventure and knowledge. Chivalry and Männerbund. The Iron Host finding the truth behind the veil.
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  5. worlun

    worlun Recruit


    I´m a beginner, I found out about all of this through normal development, just observing what´s happening in the world and reading about it, some other cultural and aesthetic elements helped too. I´m an artist, doing music and drawing. i was most succesful with witch house but I scrapped that, not a culture really that I want to be part of although I think it has it´s place in this world. Currently working on dungeon synth release. In visual arts I´ve started to work with symbols, runes etc. I´ve been working out in the gym but now I just gather equipment for working out outdoor since I can combine that with other activities too and I just found it more flexible. Religiously I´m probably not able yet to fit anywhere but I´m interested in anything primordial and contmemplate basic principles a lot. Paganism and old symbols. As of yet I have more questions than answers though. I read just basic stuff which all of us do, Evola and everything that comes with that, I like some works of french New Right. Otherwise I read just random stuff, Lovecraft, fairytales (as I´m interested in folk culture too), next such thing I plan to touch is Frank Herbert´s Dune, has to do a lot with traditionalism which I noticed already when watching adaptations. What I expect from this place is of course some wisdom, I like short texts that sparkle large processes and replies on forum are often exactly that. Suggestions etc. I don´t usually create threads but if i´ll have a question or topic which i will consider worthy of discussing, I´m certainly gooing to post it.

    Wishing you life full of virtue,
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  6. Manu

    Manu Señor Member

    I take it a few of you will remember me from a couple of years ago. Some of us have had fights, but mostly not. Some of you will not know me.

    Either way. I am a swedish asatrúar, traditionalist, libertarian, survivalist, weight lifter, nationalist, identitarian and a whole heap of other titles. I am currently a Goði in training, partly by being taught by an old Merlin type fellow who is rather private, and partly by teaching myself various things and getting to know the nuts and bolts by trial and error. Which I am rather good at, because I am twenty times more curious than a barrel of monkeys. I am married nowadays and have a tiny baby daughter who is crazy-cute.

    I figure that instead of writing much more about myself, i'll go and participate in the actual discussions again. My old content is gone as per my request back in the day, so I have the great benefit of coming back with a minimum of baggage. I look forward to getting to know you all.

    Also. I notice this place has dimmed down a little bit. So i'll be spreading it around a bit to some people I know. If anyobody reads this, it's a good idea to do. Where better for people of our kind to go, when facebook inevitably collapses into a giant exodus when the censorship finally gets to be too much?
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  7. De7H

    De7H Junior Member

    Where are you from? I have lived in Florida my entire life. There has seldom been a day in which I felt I belonged here.

    What are some of your interests? I am embarrassed to admit this in a place I feel is the residence of fine people, but I never really had a passion for anything. I have felt despondent more often than not. When I get around to it on rare occasion I enjoy to draw. Other than that... working out is a hobby of mine. The tribulation of my lifetime is the incitement for my "fallacious" ideas - as they may very well refer to them. I struggle to become the fraction of a man our dead heroes were.

    Do you have any general political, philosophical, ideological or spiritual/religious views that you would like to tell us about? I suppose a bit of the that question was answered in the previous one. I consider myself being on a Nietzschean quest. Politically.., I have a pet peeve for labels.. However, my preexisting beliefs born from a life of close observations align most closely with National Socialist/Fascist/ and in the Evolian sense Traditional views.

    How do you look at the world? With borderline misanthropy and disgust.

    Do you have any specific intellectual influences? Not to sound arrogant, but I generally do my own thinking - until maybe recently I settled myself into this niche of thought with others.

    What drew you to Lumine Boreali, and what do you hope to get out of a membership in our community? I stumbled across it one day while looking for information on Venner after listening to Until Death by Blutzeugen. I appreciate being around like-minded people while I am stuck in this terrible decaying world.Perhaps we will grow together.

    Anything else you would like to say about yourself as a person? Hmm, I am 20 years old...
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  8. Manu

    Manu Señor Member

    Welcome to LB! :)

    It is not so strange to feel out of place in a jungle, for a white man. Where did your ancestors come from?

    Do you have any religious/spiritual beliefs?
  9. De7H

    De7H Junior Member

    Thanks very much.

    My parents were full blooded pollocks as far as I know. My name would at least support the Polish aspect.

    I was raised Catholic and I despised every minute of Church-Going. Although, I am not an atheist, nor would I consider myself a pagan in the stereotypical (anything but Monotheistic) sense. I simply just believe in a higher power.. I feel left to my own devices with the presence of a lost soul.