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Introduction Thread

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Valvar, 10 September 2014.

  1. Airyanem Vaejah

    Airyanem Vaejah Junior Member

    ethnicity: slav, central european
    philosophy: sophia perennis
    religion: sanātana dharma
    politics: theocracies, divinely guided monarchies, otherwise no interest in them anymore
    interests: primordial & secondary traditions, reading, interesting
    places & ideas, nature, self-sufficiency, bushcraft
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  2. Azaeroe

    Azaeroe Member

  3. Airyanem Vaejah

    Airyanem Vaejah Junior Member

    Go raibh maith agat.
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  4. Manu

    Manu Señor Member

    Привет, брат.

    There are things worth reading and people worth knowing here. As with every river, LB is a mix of silt, sand, gravel and grains of gold of varying size. Go out and get, sift and you shall find gold. Just beware of ugly big-nosed fish lurking in the shadows.

    You might find ideas here. Try them out. Use your intuition, however. If something seems harmful, it probably is. Avoid "dry and stuffy" things that say many words and mean very little. A lot of that littering-ture is floating around. Better to use your head. I seldom wish to unread something, but some non-doer books which try to apply 3D base human "logic" to spirituality really gets me annoyed.

    Approach spirituality - which in my immodestly unhumble but self-aware opinion pretty much is the foundation of traditionalism - much like a DIY project. Learn and do. Learn and do. Tweak. Experiment. Master it. Move on to the next thing and grow. Learn from people, even "stupid" people. Stupid people are usually good at something real. Most intelligent people are pretty much like SSD hard drives, full of non-digested information (not knowledge) and with no moving parts that accomplish things. If a stupid person cannot directly directly teach you, one can at least learn what not to do from them, even from the worst. The best is of course to find active intelligence. There are a few such individuals here. Old souls with a purpose. Which is why I keep coming back.
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  5. Airyanem Vaejah

    Airyanem Vaejah Junior Member

    Thank you very much for your warm welcome, brother. I will try to follow your advice and heed your warnings.

    *Btw, I'm Slovak with some Austrian, Carpathian German, Polish and possibly even Hungarian ancestry (so a Central European mix typical for this region of the former Austria-Hungary) not a Russian.
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  6. Raisin

    Raisin Senior Member Staff Member

    Since it's obvious that Manu's typically salty comments are a thinly veiled reference to me, I'm sure nobody will begrudge me a response:

    Manu, I know you're the sort of Untermensch that gets angry when he's asked to explain something that he doesn't really understand, so I'm sure that you're the sort of person who can hold a grudge and be bitter for years, but for Hell's sake the disagreement that we had was almost four years ago. It was literally in September of 2014 that you and your LSD-addict friend claimed that everyone who wasn't White worshipped a plethora of demonic gods - only to threw a tantrum when I responded to you. You've had plenty of time to get over it and stop whining constantly about "dry and stuffy" people using too many words.
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  7. Azaeroe

    Azaeroe Member

    They arent? Haha.
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