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    Hello, all.

    My name is Anduril (not my real name, but I am reluctant to give that out!) and I live in the US. Politically and philosophically, I am a Traditionalist (informed by the works of Evola and, to a lesser extent, Guenon). Religiously, I have an interest in Indo-European spirituality and esotericism. Primarily, I follow Sanātana Dharma (Hinduism) and European paganism.

    I am currently a worker and a student. I have an interest in being an educator some day, specializing in comparative religion and mythology. I'm also an amateur writer and musician. I'm starting a blog called Path of the Kshatriya, where I post articles pertaining mainly to religion and the preservation of traditional identity.

    I came across this post, which was my introduction to Lumine Boreali. I am creating my account mainly to partake in discussions and share ideas with like-minded folk.
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    1. Norden
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    Welcome to LB, although a late one. Always nice with other vedic pagans with interests all over the place.
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