Lakota Religious Tradtions

Discussion in 'Religion & Spirituality' started by Johno17cl, 12 December 2015.

  1. Johno17cl

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    Is anyone here familiar with Lakota myths and spirituality? I'm doing a bit of research and finding some interesting things.

    "Acording to Lakota myth, before creation Wakan Tanka (Great/Mysterious Spirit) existed in emptiness called Han (Darkness)."

    This seems similar to ideas in Christianity about God who existed in the Darkness before darkness. The idea of a pre-eternal emptiness/spontaneity is also taught by Gi-Ming Shien as an important aspect of Taoism. The Lakota also have seven sacred rites and I'm familiar with seven as a sacred number which in some cases symbolizes "wholeness".

    Does anybody have any interest in this?
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