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    I have a belief, that does not rhyme with the thinking of the majority, on the meaning of life. Neither do I fundamentally agree with various minority opinions, such as believing that personal salvation through Jesus Christ and this or that Church is the Big Deal. That would be a tad self-centered. While being guilty of talking about myself and out of my own perspective quite a lot, I believe it is quite ridiculous, in the grand scheme of things. Me and you all, we matter. But not because we achieve some sort of "holiness" in distant seclusion in a mountaintop monastery or cave. That does not matter to anyone at all but that person, and has no effect whatsoever on the world, if that is the only thing achieved.

    Secluded prayer, studies, meditation and reflection is only good insofar the reflection is brought out to the world and benefits it in some concrete way. I believe that we are indeed measured by our legacy, what we leave behind. How we left our mark on this world, for better or for worse.

    The majority of westerners do not believe in that Christian notion, either. But they are also wrong, and their actions speak louder than words. Their meaning is found in the consumption of cheap plastic, uselesss toys and trinkets like they were magpies, clothes, fast food, alcohol, drugs, pets and all sorts of frivolities. Few of them ever leave anything tangiable behind. If they do, they leave some digital money for consumption. The doubtful heritage is split up between several persons and the monetary wealth disappears quickly into the mass consumption industry, negating all the years of work that lay behind it. Nobody ever gets to continue where it left off. At least it is rare. We live in an age where everything is temporary and fleeting, one second there and in the other it is gone. Gone are the days of megaliths, of fortifications and of the eldest sons inheriting the land, title and house in a straight line, stretching for centuries.

    This is the story of my family, too. Once mighty lords in an area larger than England, now? Well, I am the first in three generations to be a landowner at all. It is my firm intention to build on it for permanence and expand. I will teach my children the importance thereof, and hope that they listen closely.

    What matters is essentially what you add or remove from this world, and your story, insofar it is worth telling. Few achieve as much, and are all but from living memory within decades of their passing. Few are the men or women who carve their name in the living rock of history, and remain known to all for generations. Few are those who leave behind a living community and structures which will defy the sands of time. Few are those whose courage and sacrifice will be remembered. Although the latter is hard to achieve, even for a man worthy of such a story. There are millions of nameless heroes in virtually all families, if one looks back in time. When it comes to them, it is more a matter of modernity having failed the ancestors than them having failed to make their mark. It is the duty of descendants to remember where they come from, and what blood flows in their veins, to know the actions of their forebears, who shed blood and sweat for them.

    It is best to approach life in this way. Varg Vikernes, while being a controversial figure, put it this way:

    "We did not inherit Thule from our ancestors. We borrowed it from our children."

    This is the living essence of paganism. There is reincarnation, which indeed offers immortality and finally a well-earned reward for many lives of faithful service for the good of the world. But it all relates to what you do, not what you believe in or even much in what you say. The root of it all is what you add or remove from the world. Essentially the children you sire and raise, what you build and create, what ideas you bring upon the world which have concrete effects, what you help preserve with your actions, what you destroy and who you kill. This all contributes to shape the course of events. These are the things that go on your record and which will be weighed. Personal salvation is just a byproduct of your actions, a personal reward, and not the big deal it is made out to be by modern religions, which are manmade and not eternal. The world isn't about you or me. The meaning of life is not personal. No person is the center of the universe, the very idea is ridiculously narcissistic and small-minded. We are but small pieces, tools of the divine at best, and malignant tumors, that ought to be removed, at worst.

    This could no doubt be perceived as low-brow. Fair enough. Let's see who is right on the day of reckoning. Suffice to say, i'll take my chances. Don't fall for the same false and selfish teachings which eventually led us to these rotten modern times. This rotten modern society has been in creation for a very long time. It started out before history as we know it. The devolution of ideas which make people behave is the sum which embodies an age. Ours has been negative, and it is high time we return to constructive - pagan - ways which leaves behind greatness. We can rightly say that things have been steadily going down-hill for at least two or three thousand years by now, and it is going to cause the death of billions of people. Ideas led us here. New ideas, not the eternal "pagan" ideas which have always existed, even in the worst of times, even if they were just good seeds in an otherwise infertile and diseased crop. Which shall live is obvious.

    Abandon false selfishness, go into the world to create a legacy for your children and their children. Father children and be a husband or mother, build sturdy with permanence in mind. Be the mortal enemy of evil - don't be some spineless relativist - and remove the bad and the ugly that you encounter. Burn it out with its roots. Leave behind a living community on whose lips your name and your actions will live on for generations. Let your actions speak loud and may your ancestors remember your sacrifice, the living and permanent testament to your life. The legacy is what matters. We are fleeting, even with all our lives we only spend a certain time here. Make it count for something, and leave the world better for your descendants than when you came into it.

    Like most people and like me, you probably came into this world with nothing. You have inherited nothing, and was sent into the world upon adulthood, again, with nothing. Nobody has taught you these things, so maybe you know them and maybe you do not. It is important that you know, anyway. From one fellow traveler to another, this is my human wisdom. I will be done here in a few short decades, and then I will no longer come back here. My work here is almost done, at long last. Part of what I leave behind is this. Listen and make your own mark, as I have made and as I am making mine; or do not and at best do so by accident. We are all servants of the divine. Be a servant who builds, one that has many fine children, one who lives in tune with nature, one who creates beauty, one who takes out the trash and one who dies with honor.
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    What do you mean by creating beauty?
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    Any kind. Whether it is a sculpture, painting or piece of music, a masterfully crafted tool or beauty attained through training and otherwise salubrious living. While no thing is equal to the other, all things can be at their best, so to speak. Beauty is caused by and further contributes to harmony, ugliness is caused by disharmony and further contributes to it. Like a positive or a negative spiral. To understand what I mean, let me pick an example.

    I once had a female teacher in school. In fact, I had several, but I will pick her as an example. She was built like a cave troll, harsh thick hair cut off abruptly like a helmet and the color of iron. Rough homespun clothes. Cragge features, six feet tall. Arma the size of small logs. Very odd specimen. Very archaic. You wouldn't find anyone like her in a Hollywood production. BUT. She lived a happy family life with her family on a farm half an hour outside town. She was happy, healthy and self-sufficient in a lot of things. Sheep, ducks, chickens, turkeys, potatoes, vegetables, you name it and they had it or made it. Went there a few times. She didn't work full time, mostly taught because she genuinely loved both knowledge and children. She was very creative and had us enact plays and all kinds of stuff, dragged us out in the forest on day trips and to pick berries in the fall. I have her to thank for quite a lot of joy and beauty in my upbringing. I seriously doubt one teacher in a million is better. And even if she had a bad build, she was beautiful in her very own harsh way. She even had a booming voice like a bosun or a drill sergeant. A force of nature, quite literally. If she was an inanimate object, she would have been as ugly as they come. She wasn't pretty when she was young, either, I have seen pictures. But she lived her entire life doing pretty much everything just right. She wasn't born with beauty, she created it, and was.

    Of course, being born with it makes the work easier. Sadly, many women born beautiful become poisonous and spread destruction and despair rather than joy. They live ugly lives and soon become ugly hags. I have met many who are both good and beautiful by nature, though. It is also what I mean. Take for example Jonna Jinton on youtube. That is also part of what I mean. It does incorporate quite a lot, though.
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