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Light the beacons across Europe!

Discussion in 'Traditional Activism' started by Olavsson, 3 December 2013.

  1. Olavsson

    Olavsson First Lieutenant Staff Member
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    Thanks to RenownedWolf for mentioning this brilliant idea for pan-European nationalist and traditionalist activism. Since he didn't have the time to make a thread himself, I'll do it.

    The general idea is to get groups belonging to the 'Radical Right' all across Europe - the more nationalities that participate, the better - cooperating in a joint effort to stage something resembling the famous scene from the Lord of the Rings, a work that seems to be appreciated by most European nationalists.

    This would involve European nationalists travelling to mountains and other suitable, preferably high locations in their own country (or in other countries too, for those who are up to the task) in order to then light a fire. This is supposed to be echoed in all parts of the continent by other groups of activists, sweeping across Europe as a movement of fire symbolizing the awakening of our civilization needed for a future rebirth. It would also be a symbol for the European nationalist solidarity that is needed if we are to regain our freedom and hence a future for our peoples. We need to send out the signal that we are ready to stand together, fight together, and if inevitable fall together, in the struggle for our peoples, our cultures, and for everything that we value as Europeans.

    We need to talk with European nationalist groups and get more people interested. This is not the sort of activism that requires a lot of money or even a lot of people - just a few individuals in as many European countries as possible who agree with the concept and are willing to invest some time. Get the European alliance together, and agree upon a shared date on which all the groups will reach their destinations of choice and light the fire.

    All groups would have to document the actions with video cameras of decent quality, and all of these video recordings would in the end be collected by an agreed-upon editor(s) who would make a final video summarizing all of it, complete with dramatic music for emotional effect, short texts explaining the purpose, professional-looking editing of film sequences etc. There would also be a list of the nationalist groups and organizations that were involved - this would even be visible in the scenes, as these groups would bring flags and banners to their beacon destinations. It is important that the final video is produced as professionally as possible, focusing on beautiful scenes of European nature and cultural landscapes, as well as stressing a heroic ethos (scenes of determined and serious nationalists making their way upwards to the height with flags flapping in the wind etc - nationalists holding swords up to the sky, blowing into horns and similar while the fire is being ignited). The different nationalist groups wouldn't necessarily have to do it at the exact same moment, or even day, although that would be ideal. What will generate the most attention (at least the first time around), will anyway be the video result.

    This could, if properly executed, become the most-watched nationalist video on YouTube and various online channels, generating a lot of attention for those groups who participated. It could even develop into an annual ritual uniting nationalists all across Europe, possibly leading to more and more beacons burning for each time.

    What are your thoughts on this? Any ideas, suggestions?

    Any opinions on how it could be done? Which groups should be involved? Which date would be ideal? Other practical considerations? Etc.

    I have mainly focused on Europe in my above reflections, but if there is an interest for it, one could even include groups in the former colonial spheres.
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  2. Jarlokrat

    Jarlokrat Member

    I think this could give great results if done correctly. It will demand some efforts, though. I think some nation (Norway? ;) ) should make some sort of video-recipe of what we are thinking of, so that everything fits together. There probably should be one person travelling across Europe to make these films, though that would be expensive. My opinion is also that the video should not represent any organisation or party. Just ethnic Europeans in their homeland filmed whole-body with HD-quality. This would show everyone that Europeans are fighting this mess together, and that it is not some petty, narrow-minded bourgeoisie nationalism.

    This video should give some inspiration for making high-quality videos as well:

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  3. Mojave

    Mojave Senior Member

    The processional fire is a good strong idea. You Europeans may know that the ancient Scots used burning crosses and bonfires as warning signals ( The practice was cited as an inspiration by our Ku Klux Klan). I can still see in lasting memory high mountain fires burning out of control as we trod towards them to engage. One blew up in what is called area ignition- nearly a square mile in seconds and forced us back. But I digress. I would only quietly suggest (I'm sure it's been taken into account already) that this Working take steps to keep what I see as predatory and opportunistic elements from allowing themselves to be the focus. I mean Nazis- uniform fetishist Hollywood types. I apologize for lack of familiarity with European dynamics, but types like that over here are attracted to and may undermine true works. I mentioned the Klan. Though tradition minded and at first nobly motivated, thru time the movement became largely (and justifiably) known for crude violence and intimidation; a haven for inebriates and bullies.

    Best to your efforts and again I mean no disrespect to honorable intention.
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  4. renownedwolf

    renownedwolf Heroic Member

    I think, absolutely that the majority of planning for this must be taken out of the hands of regular 'forum users' and any debates about the concept left to general 'public' opinion.

    A website must be made dedicated to this concept, slick and to the point and combined with advertisement via other social media (nationalist and mainstream)

    The ethos of LoTR is easily adaptable. We can have nationalist groups light beacons and individuals light their own personal ones.

    Whilst it would be nice to have an orchestrated and well timed event with one after the other being lit in a live spectacle, it would be logistically unreliable. However a well cut and filmed representation would be far more effective in the long term for things such as youtube, with the ethos reaching further than some mere allocated point in time (that will likely not have a true rebellious effect either)

    Being able to continue the idea with people adding their own beacon, the concept could grow. Being a 'Light in the Darkness' or some such nickname would be ideal, along with a slogan such as 'The smallest spark can ignite the most terrible flame' to get people onboard in the same way 'Oathkeepers' does.

    We should set up an absolute guideline for conduct, so we don't get fat skinheads moshing and waving swastikas or burning crosses or waving mjolnirs even, we do not require that much obviously (useful to the enemy) crass ammunition. We need articulated and responsible offerings praising perennial traditionalist themes . Preferably with a lot of well formed females presenting a large proportion of any predetermined text. Sex sells gentlemen, do not be ashamed of it. (It needn't be crass either)

    In short, it must be a venture funded and orchestrated by a maximum of five reliable and suitable persons, and set up beforehand, then pushed towards major allied nationalist and traditionalist groups. I can guarantee it will NOT work as a community effort. We aren't liberal muppets after all.

    (Note- I probably have more to input on this idea myself amid these random ramblings, alas lack of personal free time atm)
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  5. VedicViking

    VedicViking Third Lieutenant Sustaining Member
    1. Britons

    We need to make this (The Immortals concept) spread all over Europe.

    Then we could combine it with this idea of lighting the beacons across Europe.

    This in turn should be part of a broader development: the growth of a rightist equivalent of flash mobs, public performance art, etc. and all that bollocks that the Left is so fond of. Ours needs to be of a strongly sacred and aesthetic nature – oriented ‘upwards’ and an obvious manifestation of Order.
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  6. Myrddin

    Myrddin Senior Member

    :beercheers: I think this has a lot of merit
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  7. Myrddin

    Myrddin Senior Member

    Was glad to hear these where appearing in San Francisco before the Berkley Battle
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