Luddism and Deep Ecology

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    Deep Ecology is best understood through its founding documents:

    I am more from the Futurist realm than the Luddite realm, but the real idea of deep ecology is that we need a society that wisely manages technology and population. That is not incompatible with having technology, but perhaps with allowing the buying habits of the lower echelons to define how we use it. Is it wise that we have every occupant of an American ghetto toting around a $800 Apple iPhone?
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    I definitely lean towards ecofascism. Though I see the problem as being spiritual rather than technical in itself. I do believe that a segment of humanity - a real minority - is responsible, aware and evolved enough to handle an ecological level of high technology. Or at least we are getting there. The West especially has started to do a lot to change our ways and compensate. But not enough, yet. Asia is still harming nature like never before. They are the main source of plastic in the oceans, for example. The Chinese pollute and urbanize so much that the Han homeland is soon going to be swallowed by the Gobi desert unless they change very fast.

    I have often heard and read about the figure of 500 millon (Georgia Guidestones, notably) or a reduction of 90-95 percent of the global population. This is something that I personally believe will be the end result of a series of converging catastrophes, as portrayed by, amongst others, Guillaume Faye and Piero san Giorgio. The main factor to the end of consumerist society we face is the so called "peak oil" crisis, or rather when the large oil wells become empty enough that pumping out the remains is not economically justifiable. Our entire civilization runs on oil. Peak oil production was achieved in 2009, and we are already far down the slope from there. No new large oil reserves have been found. We are very soon at the point where pumping the oil out of the ground becomes uneconomical, without profit. Prices can only rise so high, also, before it becomes too expensive. We are in deep shit, if you pardon my language. After peak production has been achieved, a well only lasts for 20-30 years before it becomes uneconomic.

    I would like there to be a "raising of the vibratory state" of all people on this rock, and that a mass-death eradicating 90 percent of all people won't happen. But that would require a truly miraculous mass-awakening and concerted effort. It would literally require a major technological revolution in battery technology, electrical generation, zero point energy or such. Effective alternative propulsion and energy, at any rate. Then it would require a mass-effort to replace everything from farming equipment to all forms of transport, over a fairly short period of time. Not to mention electrical generation. Otherwise, those tractors and food trucks will eventually stop rolling, and the stores will be empty. One solution could be growing immense amounts of industrial hemp and making biodiesel out of it. Most trucks and tractors could run off of it. So that would be a minimal effort, instead of replacing all vehicles.

    Some believe we - humanity - are waking up. Perhaps we are? I truly hope we are, and that it is in time. I hope we are evolved enough to handle this and do good in coming centuries, instead of harming Earth. She deserves better and will get it, one way or the other. Humanity will survive, either way. But I do not believe that a mass-death would only preserve "The Best". A lot of very ruthless people and tag-alongs would live, no matter what. Barring a divine separation of wheat and chaff, so to speak.

    Once the short term problems of running out of oil and other non-renewabme natural resources is dealt with, we need to phase out consumerism altogether, limit population growth in Asia and Africa severely and un-globalize the world into an ecological (sustainable) level. This restructuring of the world into an ecological permaculture on large scale is a very complicated thing, it should be done with extreme prudence and based on thorough research rather than - for example - the arbitrary opinions of me or anyone else. But some way, somehow, it must be done. I would prefer such a way, in an ordered and concerted fashion, instead of an apocalypse. I would not have, when I was younger. But it would be terribly cruel as well as bloody, and as I said there is no way to guarantee that only the best of humanity would make it. I do not think, for example, that very many kind-hearted idealists would make it. Nor lofty philosophers or the priestly types. Rather the sneaky, the ruthless and the cunning. If those are the traits that are preferable, then the apocalypse is the way. But I hope that is not the case.

    The grand restructuring that I am for would indeed require ecofascism - as things stand - and could never be achieved in the current paradigm by letting the masses vote or do as they please. Barring of course a raising of the vibratory state of Earth into a level that humanity becomes truly elevated, quite literally, into a higher dimensional awareness. Some believe it is happening as we speak. I am sort of torn in between doomsday pessimism and hopefulness.

    There is a luddite truth in that technology becomes a crutch that weakens humanity. And I do not subscribe to transhumanism, that we could or should integrate technology into our bodies in order to "evolve". It goes against all natural instincts. Like most, I believe in moderation. A "primitive" life should be the norm. One where people use their minds and bodies, where they are harmonic and spiritual. A world where there is perhaps also some form of struggle, because it seems to enhance humanity. Preferably without undue cruelty or mass-death. Preferably without directly implemented and arbitrary human eugenics. It is better to let nature do nature's job.

    I believe that if we move beyond mere survival and establish an ecological high civilization, Man would eventually become an altogether different animal. For better or for worse. But never beyond or over Nature. We tried that, and it is not working. It might kill us all.
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