Modern male paedomorphism

Discussion in 'Anthropology' started by Manu, 18 August 2018.

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    When out and about in modern Swedish society, or indeed anywhere non-rural in Europe, I am amazed at how many supposedly grown men are gracile, gangly, lack muscle and breadth of face and bone structure and how comparatively few have a real beard growth in their twenties and even thirties. I can't be the only one to notice this phenomenon. Back in the day, it was really unusual for a man as young as 16-18 to not have a full beard. They were ridiculed and called "beardless wonders", and the like. When I go out, I sometimes wonder if we are the same species anymore.

    How did this happen? Why are modern males far less manly than the men of before? I would like your own theories on this. I have a few which I will share. I always do share.

    I do not think this androgynous degeneration is natural or part of an evolution. We are still cro magnon men and women, DNA-wise. I think the important difference lies in what is called epigenetics. It has to do with environmental factors such as diet, physical activity and basically external factors.

    How many modern males grow up without regular physical labor, these days?
    How many don't train physically - martial arts etc - most days of the week?
    How many don't eat truly homecooked food made from single ingredients?
    How many grow up without playing outside in sun, rain and snow?
    How many are raised to remain little boys until they are formally adult?
    How many are taught that fighting and male behavior is evil, aggressive and undesirable?
    How many are exposed to dangerous hormone-altering chemicals on a daily basis?

    The answer is quite simple: most males grow up without proper stimuli, diet, guidance, activities or identity. Most modern people are full of heavy metals and chemicals that wreak havoc in the human body. This is a horrible cocktail of environmental factors that create this new modern breed of paedomorphic males. At least it is my take on it. Another problem with this is that it seems like a very hard thing to undo in adult age, after you stop growing. Some manage, somehow, and become actual men eventually, albeit late. But most office drones and others remain in a degenerated state which would look utterly foreign to our burly and robust ancestors. I have had experiences when I punch some leftist (with reason) and they break down crying. That is decidedly not a man reacting to being punched.

    On the upside, going to the gym still means I meet plenty of men who do not look or act like half-retarded gay elf-children with sticks for arms and no beards. Many do shave, but it is mostly the growth I mean. Even if I do not understand the practice of shaving at all, personally.

    Is this the root cause of why we are in such a mess nowadays? Weak and childish males, unworthy of being called men? I tend to think so. Our robuster forebears did get subverted in several stages, which allowed this evil cocktail of environmental factors to develop over time. We are seeing the end result of it.

    Thankfully, we are also seeing a sort of revolution against it based around physical training, healthy organic food, growing large beards and retrieving male culture. The political side of things is the rising nationalist sentiments in the West. Hopefully, these changes that are taking root will change future generations to be, quite frankly, less gay. As it stands, much of the male half of western humanity is as friggin' gay as Alex Jones' famed frogs.
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    As you have noted, the main cause in the lack of manliness in men lies in epigenetics and the environment. One strong contributing epigenetic factor that is often overlooked is the later age at which women have children, combined with the older age of fathers. According to a statistic provided by the New York Times (, in 1960 most women had their first child anywhere between the ages of 16 and 20. Compare this to the statistics for 2016, according to which women have their first child at anywhere between 16 and 30 years of age. A paper on the median age of the fathers of firstborn children shows that there has been an increase in parental age from 27 years to 30-31 in the last 44 years ( Papers on advanced maternal age and the associated risk of birth defects are unclear on whether there is an increased chance for birth defects and generally weaker offspring; however, considering the fact that both parents are unlikely to have led healthy lifestyles combined with the advanced age of both parents, the chance for either outright defects or 'inverted' children (effeminate males and masculine females) significantly increases.

    There is also another factor that I personally feel plays a large role on both the behavioural and the physical level, but I am not quite sure whether it has a physical effect. As is most likely common knowledge on this forum, more and more men are growing up without a father (because they are born out of wedlock, the parents divorce, the father is present but such a weak figure that he might as well be absent etc. etc.). These boys frequently grow up to be effeminate simply because they have no male counterweight to the influence of their mother. Behaviourally, this will lead either to the imitation of feminised behaviour that was learned from the mother or rebellious actions of varying levels of severity to make up for the missing father (a kind of hypermasculinity). I actually believe that, should a boy turn into a feminised male because of the influence of his mother, not only his behaviour undergoes harmful changes, but his body as well. There are two sides to this:

    - First, he will be less likely to engage in masculine activities (sports, being in the outdoors, having a male group of friends) en lieu of feminine activities, which are often significantly more sedentary. The effects on the body should be obvious.
    - Second, I believe that the mind has a far stronger hold on the body than vice-versa. It is in my mind quite likely that, due to the adoption of feminine behaviour and a desire to conform to the feminised world, the boy's mind will bend the body over backwards in order to more effectively conform. In combination with the other environmental factors listed above, this has a dangerous effect on the child's (and later man's) body.

    Finally, there is a metahistorical aspect to all this. As the end of the cycle (and this world) approaches, the natural order is twisted and turned on its head. Women become leaders, men become followers. Men become women, and women become men. It is really only natural that men should become more feminised once their minds and bodies slip away from the truth and become mired in the material world. Thankfully, this cycle of degeneration will come to an end, but it is not for us to know when.
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    Another interesting factor when it comes to food is that many have started eating a ton of soy beans and ready-made food-like products with soy in them. Soy contains a lot pf phyto-estrogens and many right-siders cite this as the greatest factor in modern male paedomorphism, and have coined the term "soy boy" to (aptly) name the poor effeminate victims of this NWO scheme. We are all victims of it to some degree, but those on the left tend to be worse off than others.

    A second factor is that worsen development is undoubtedly veganism and to some extent vegetarianism at a young age. Men need meat for muscular development and correct hormone balance at least until fully developed in their mid-twenties. I say this as a vegetarian myself. Going that direction when fully adult and when seeking a spiritual path is alright. I do not recommend full veganism, ever.

    A third additional factor is alcohol. Binge drinking kills testosterone ptoduction for several days. You might as well inject yourself with estrogen as drink that stuff. Do it very seldom or not at all. My pattern so far is drinking (at all) about once or twice a year. I have not had alcohol at all during 2018 and won't. I highly recommend the cessation of drinking. Besides the hormonal disturbences, it also makes a person stupid and foggy in the head.
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    I've read some books and such about genetics and epigenetics but I wouldn't call myself enough of an expert to speak on the subject too much. I really like the stuff that people have said so far. I'd like to focus on how you mentioned that you mainly see this in non-rural regions. I would definitely agree that the rural environment is much better for cultivating masculinity early-on, and also femininity for that matter. Even outside of Europe you'll find that people living in rural, specifically, farming communities show this difference. An agrarian lifestyle exemplifies a healthy lifestyle as well as the complimentary nature of the sexes.

    Many of the things you mentioned as neglect to men's health is nurtured in the countryside. Physical labor and overall bodily fitness is a simple necessity of life. Home cooked food is another immanent part of a farmer's universe. Both one's duties and desires bring him outside into the sunshine and the elements that make a man out of a man. It is expected of young boys that they will become men, able to take on their father's responsibilities when they inherit their birthright. They're exposed to aggression in some form early and often throughout their lives. They're away from the smog of the cities and other various poisons found in concrete cages.

    I mentioned how this life also places both men and women into their natural places. While the men worked the field women would be busy with various tasks, preserving fruits and vegetables, rendering lard, making clothes, and teaching children to read and write, typically from the Bible. These are among the many tasks that the Modern World tends to leave in the hands of the monopolies and to the degenerated state. The division of labor provided by the complimentary nature of the genders allows a family farm to function. The fields become the domain of the man and the house the domain of the woman. Spiritual harmony of masculine and feminine alike.

    Not to mention the fact that, especially when compared to the urbanite, the ruralist's conduct is, "rooted." They're attached to the land, they own rather than rent, craft rather than buy, love rather than lust, work rather than toil, etc. This is why I love homesteading so much and I think more people should try to live self sufficient lifestyles away from the cities, closer to nature, closer to natural ways of living. Physical pollution and spiritual pollution, I think, are more intertwined than many would think. The farther down the rabbit hole you dive, not only do you realize just how backwards, how corrupt the way people live their lives, you also realize what horrific effect this has on the individuals subjected to such dross on a daily basis, like prisoners that rot in their dungeon.
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