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Discussion in 'Religion & Spirituality' started by fschmidt, 20 August 2016.

  1. fschmidt

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    Modern culture is evil. If you don't agree with this, let me save you some time and suggest that you stop reading here. This post discusses alternatives to modern culture on the assumption that you reject modern culture because it is evil. What are the alternatives to modern culture? Before discussing alternatives that I think can work, I will discuss alternatives that don't work.

    Politics doesn't work. Moral people are an insignificant minority in all nations today. And never in history has a nation been made moral through politics. Politics is useful in a society formed by moral people. In such a society, politics can help implement the will of these moral people. This is how America worked before it became evil. But in an evil society, politics is just a contest for power, nothing more.

    Modern Christianity doesn't work. Modern Christianity is all faith and no works, which means no morality. The main practical difference between a modern Christian and an atheist is that the modern Christian violates the third commandment while the atheist doesn't, making the atheist slightly less sinful than the modern Christian. I discussed in detail what went wrong with modern Christianity in The Rise and Fall of Christian Culture.

    Modern Catholicism doesn't work. To a large degree, what went wrong with Protestantism has infected Catholicism. The current Pope is a total disaster. But Catholicism was essentially doomed by the Second Vatican Council which fully gave in to modern culture.

    White nationalism doesn't work. No racial movement in history has succeeded without religious backing. White nationalists who want success should copy the most successful racial movement, namely Judaism. This means that white nationalists need to pick a religion for their movement. Until they do so, they are a hopeless bunch.

    Islam probably doesn't work. I say "probably" both because I am not knowledgable enough about Islam to judge, and because by "work" I mean actually implement morality which modern Islam seems to lack.

    That completes the important options that don't work. Now let's consider options that work. History shows that all good cultures are supported by a good religion. How can one judge if a religion is good and strong enough to resist modern culture? One superficial way to judge that I have found to be very effective is just to ask whether men and women sit separately during religious service. Religions that have maintained this separation have shown that they are strong enough to resist modern culture

    Orthodox Judaism works well if you are a racist jew. I am jewish but not racist, so Judaism doesn't work for me. For non-jewish racists, Orthodox Judaism is a model well worth copying.

    Orthodox Christianity may work in some conditions. Mainstream Orthodox Christianity does not work in the West because it is too weak of a religion to withstand modern culture. This can be seen by the fact that the sexes are mixed in service. Historically, Orthodox Christianity has always partnered with a government that supports it, so this seems to be the condition in which it works. Currently, the obvious candidate is Orthodox Christianity in Russia where it has government backing. I haven't been to Russia, so I can't say for sure how well this works, but I think this is an option well worth investigating for Christians.

    True Orthodox Christianity is a variant of Orthodox Christianity that looks interesting and may actually work in the West. But it is small and its future is uncertain. Here is a very good set of videos explaining the idea.

    Conservative Mennonism is an excellent alternative for Christians. All of traditional Anabaptism is sound, but the conservative Mennonites seem to have found the optimal balance. They don't reject all modern technology as Old Order Anabaptists do (like the Amish), but they still do a good job keeping modern culture out. They are serious Christians, serious about following Jesus's teachings. The book Brethren Thinking written by an unconventional Old Order Anabaptist provides a highly intelligent introduction to Anabaptist thinking. The book An Introduction to Old Order and Conservative Mennonite Groups provides a good overview of the Mennonite variants. I specifically recommend the Mennonite groups classified as "Ultra-Conservatives" on page 162 of this book. You can find a Mennonite church near you using this map. If you have any more questions about Mennonites, you can ask on this Mennonite forum.

    Mikraite is the alternative that I have chosen. None of the above options work for me because I am not a jewish racist and not Christian. So I worked with some like-minded people to form a moral religion based on the Old Testament. You can read more in What is a Mikraite?.
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    Vavala Junior Member

    Mikraite is modern.
    And I don't think it is a religion. - I don't say it doesn't "work", like you say, I just say it isn't a religion according to me. Unless if youre a messiah ahah
  3. fschmidt

    fschmidt Senior Member

    Do you consider European pagan movements to be modern?

    What is your criteria for a religion? Are Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism religions?
  4. Raisin

    Raisin Senior Member Staff Member

    Question, fschmidt: You repeatedly state that "Modern Culture is Evil." Now of course I agree with the statement, but I suspect that our reasoning may be different (You, for example, praise both Capitalism and Protestant Christianity from 16-1800, - both of which I consider to be rank dissolution), - So my question is, Why is Modern Culture Evil, for you? Without knowing what the problems are, essentially, we cannot know what to look for in alternatives, no?
  5. fschmidt

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    Modern culture is evil because it shares the basic traits of all degenerating cultures in history. This includes selfishness, arrogance, promiscuity, dishonesty, and other negative traits that don't come to mind right now. Here is an old post of mine about modern culture:
  6. Vavala

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    "Do you consider European pagan movements to be modern?"
    *neo-pagan, but my answer is yes

    (by the way thinking in terms of modernity is half out of date we must think in terms of post modernity- according to me)
  7. fschmidt

    fschmidt Senior Member

    Okay then I accept your classification of Mikraite as modern, however you did this classification, because Mikraite is analogous to neo-paganism.

    What is the difference?

    Whatever the terminology, I see a change in religion starting in the mid-1800s, resulting in culture beginning to change in the 1920s, with this gradual change finally causing culture to become intolerable around 2000.
  8. PrinceRomanicus

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    For the absolute sake of simplicity I would recommend using the term "Leftist", "Liberal", or "Individualistic" instead of "Modern"
  9. Vavala

    Vavala Junior Member

    I think modernity was a battleground - liberalism vs communism vs fascism. But you're right. And what makes you say the culture changes really in the 1920's Im curious ? First world war ?
  10. fschmidt

    fschmidt Senior Member

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