Murder 'comes naturally' to chimpanzees

Discussion in 'Anthropology' started by Skald, 19 September 2014.

  1. Skald

    Skald Senior Member

    I thought this article was very interesting, especially when one considers the evolutionary probability between chimps and the negroid race.
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  2. Sindri

    Sindri Guest

    I have always felt that the romanticization of nature was false and that animals were not the "opposite of man" in their kindness and their perceived tendency to always kill for food alone. The fact of the matter is that animals kill for fun, just like humans; cats play and torture mice for hours before they kill them (often without eating them at all), and apes kill for social status and the challenge of killing. Lions kill Hyenas for the same reasons and wolves probably kill the animals they can find as practice.

    To glorify nature is a big mistake as far as I can see; nature gives, nature takes, but is is not "harmonic" in any sense at all.

    Nature is a cruel fighting ground of the strong against the weak; luckily with moments of respite, beauty and harmony in our eyes:).
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  3. Saesenthesis

    Saesenthesis Senior Member

    I think it unwise to apply generalized analogies from different animal species to humans. I can imagine killing in self-defense, but for fun most likely never.

    The very mankind in this aspect is a 'social contract' as the fact of being two-legged mammal doesn't predetermine everyone's nature in the same direction. Add social learning to it. Psychology is actually quite young, incompetent 'science''s mostly theory and speculation with countless exceptions.

    Heck, society badly needs the Hierarchy and to stop finding excuses for the behavior of the lowlife by the example of animals...of monkeys...involution is rampant.
  4. Cadoudal

    Cadoudal Guest

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  5. Bun

    Bun Member

    Human nature: White, Black, or otherwise, is far more akin to the more developed non-Human hominids than it is the idealized leftist narrative. Jack Donovan did a great segment on this in his "The Way of Men" when he compared chimpanzee collectives to bonobos, to the detriment of the latter and it's similarity of what the progressives, feminists, and cultural Marxists wish for our civilization.

    What I take away is similar to that Ragnar Redbeard stated in "Might Is Right": "Human rights and wrongs are not determined by Justice, but by Might. Disguise it as you may, the naked sword is still the king-maker and king-breaker, as of yore. All other theories are lies and lures"
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