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My Paintings

Discussion in 'Visual Art' started by Boreas, 5 February 2015.

  1. Xanthippe

    Xanthippe Member

    Thank you; it just helped me see how the Dionysian is the 'eye of the phallus' - lightning in Moreau's painting and the Apollonian is the 'eye of the mind' as in your own painting - the scorching sun. To the greek, perception was a 'tactile' experience,, seeing was as good as coveting, touching, grasping, consummating…

    Beautiful work.
    (reg. the kabbala - the 9 world drawing looked distinctly like the kabbala]

    Thank you for that.

    Someone I know put it like this:

    "Uruz is strength that bends matter, the way gravity has formed the bone, to the earth."

    I continued on that line of thought to say,

    Yes, the power that cannot be owned in a single self.
    The phrase "crossing the rubicon", also called the "point of no return".
    "The point of no return is the point beyond which one must continue on one's current course of action because turning back is physically impossible, prohibitively expensive or dangerous." Mathematically, the exponential surge.

    In the blessed state, the "must" disappears, and one can continue on, without falling back. Like one has cleared a threshold that sustains on its own. Uruz is that vitality and perseverance. The runic pictogram here is the hoof of the wild beast taking its first foot foward... the first break-through, the first dawn of a new day, a daring courage, the first confidence. Sweeping change, a revolution. Raw, primal virility.

    Anglo-Saxon has:
    "Ur (iron-slag or possibly drizzle) proceeds from brittle iron.
    The reindeer often runs on icy snow."

    To dance on ice or by extension slippery mud is a power also called grace. You need Uruz' shape-sustaining power when there is no ground.
    "The organic patterning energy of Uruz laces up the skin, sustains the ego and can be used to protect the psyche from trauma. Self-healing is the energy which pulls a diseased or ill form back toward its ‘primal blueprint’: the original, invisible shape intended by nature’s design."

    Lost things are restored to its pristine, ice-clear form.
    The congealing or coagulating power in blood.

    Reconstructions of a victim's parts to the destructive primal forces of the fire, earth, etc. are here.
    GvL. calls it the rune of the doctor, and

    "The basis of all manifestation is the Primeval. Whoever is able to recognise the cause of an event, to him the phenomenon itself does not seem to be an insoluble puzzle -- be this fortunate or unfortunate -- and therefore he is able to banish misfortune or increase luck, but also to recognise false evil and false luck as such.
    Therefore: Know yourself, then you will know all!"

    Thus, its also marking off territories, and vice-versa, to be free of containment when used as a protection.

    Ur is in the very urge, stamina, the impulse to be, replacing what has shed, matter adapting like ley lines creating a path, shape-shifting power of the Actor, of alien donor transplants, etc. The materialization of thought, idea - so, role-models who draw up and raise individuals and individuality from undifferentiated mess. Pygmalion love, the coming alive in flesh, orgasm, liberations in mass orgies. While fehu is portable wealth, uruz is the phenomenal and unmanifest power of money, possessions that can shape the future. Data restoration, information architects,
    vitality of our earth-roots, chthonic power of our ancestral roots, pictorially like a portal one draws back from. Also our very body like a vessel that can hold the transcendent without being shattered by the terrific numinous. Scapegoats that take your place, literally recreating you in the sacrificial animal in your stead, and therefore the debt that "weighs you down" like gravity."

    The difference between Othala [odalism - portal back into your ancestry and deep roots] and Uruz seems like a thin one.
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  2. Boreas

    Boreas Senior Member Staff Member Sustaining Member

    I agree that there is a similarity there with the sephirotic tree of life, but the similarity is superficial, since there are not 10 sephiras but nine different worlds based upon the norse tradition's view of the multiverse. I found the model for the Nine Worlds painting from a Finnish book on runes by Ensio Kataja, and it can be found also from Edred Thorsson's works.
  3. Xanthippe

    Xanthippe Member

    I see, ty. I used to be an old member and avid reader of Mr.Kataja's blog - Pyha. But the blog is closed now… may I ask if you are a member, and does he hold a discussion grp. or website in english anywhere or fb/youtube?
    Are you aware of a blog called The Shattered Realm that used to be on during Pyha times?

  4. Boreas

    Boreas Senior Member Staff Member Sustaining Member

    I don't know anything else about Mr. Kataja than what he has said in his book about him being a member of the Rune-Gild. The blog Shattered Realm is also unknown to me.
  5. Celtic Skogsra

    Celtic Skogsra Heroic Member

    The problem is that Muspellheim seems to be borrowed from a Manichean source s part of a late overlay.
    Edgar Polome went into the subject of Iranian loanings into Germanic mythology and, whilst overall negative, still concluded some Manichean influence.
    Stoyanov cites the existence of actual Manichean fire temples in Baltoscandia identical to those in the North Caucasus.
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  6. Boreas

    Boreas Senior Member Staff Member Sustaining Member

    The question of borrowings is an interesting one most certainly; if there are some same concepts, can they always be traced back to (historical) borrowings or are they merely different expressions of some root myth, which in this case could possibly be traced to some proto-indo-european myth and maybe all the way back tho the Primordial Tradition? Guénon especially has dealt with this question in some of his writings and has come to the conclusion that "borrowings" are a lot more rarer than what is usually thought of in the modern theories.

    I've been lately delving into the question whether there could be some similarity between the Samkhya philosopy's concepts Purusha (spirit, fire, consciousness) and Prakriti (proto-matter, ice, unconsciousness), where Muspelheim would correspond to Purusha and Nifelheim to Prakriti. There seems to be some similarities between these, but in no way they can be said to be identical. Also, in the same way than the Muspelheim / Nifelheim concept there is in the old Finnish heathen tradition the realms called Lintukoto and Pohjola, in which Lintukoto (meaning roughly 'A bird's home') is a hot and fiery realm in the South and Pohjola (meaning simply 'North') is a cold and icy realm in the North. I have taken this to be a slightly different expression of the same mythic concept.
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  7. Boreas

    Boreas Senior Member Staff Member Sustaining Member

    Gebo - Sacrifice to the Gods

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  8. Boreas

    Boreas Senior Member Staff Member Sustaining Member

    Going once going twice going thrice, the Raidho painting is donated to our Venerable Jorge, our lord of hosts Valvar the orthodox Monarchist. In the name of Ilmarinen, and Wäinämöisen nimeen.

    If you see a painting you might like, please let me know with a personal message, I can Tell you which are free. I'll sell them to you cheaper than officially. Ask!
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  9. Boreas

    Boreas Senior Member Staff Member Sustaining Member

    I updated my Deviantart account with latest paintings. Go and see!


    You can also find all my paintings and their official prices from FB @ Valontuoja Artworks. My company's website and webshop will open within two weeks and all my works are sale there also with a state of the art webshop; I deliver globally and the ordering will be very easy via the webshop. If you want something from these now and cheaper / un-officially, hurry up, since after two weeks it will all be official and I have to ask also the ALV / VAT with the official prices because of the Verokarhu a.k.a. the Tax Bear Official.