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My wanderings in the dietary spectrum

Discussion in 'Health, Physical Fitness & Martial Preparation' started by Manu, 18 November 2017.

  1. Manu

    Manu Señor Member

    I have adhered to pretty much every diet under the sun that involves actual food. It is partly because I used to be a lot fatter than I am and partly because I like lifting weights and thus building muscle. What I have been able to glean from trying pretty much everything is that various diets have a plethora of different effects and the diets are mostly good for different things. Some are not much good at all, truth be told. These are my own experiences in short. Maybe you could state yours?

    Low carb/Keto
    Until recently, I followed a very strict ketogenic diet, meaning I ate mostly fat and protein, with very little carbohydrates. I cannot say that I will recommend the experience much, as it is bad for hard training performance as well as recovery. Even going lightly, I could not recover from hypertrophy weight training in a proper manner. Spiritually, it does not help much either to eat that much red meat and high fat dairy products. The pork is a great culprit in inflammation and the salt normally in every kind of meat is too much over time. It is however good for one thing, for a while, and that is dropping water weight. Beyond two weeks is pretty pointless unless you are fighting or preventing fibromyalgia, cancer or some other disease.

    This is a great way of fasting for spiritual purposes, in my opinion. The foods normally eaten on this diet, like beans and lentils, will cause bloating. It is also normally very heavy on carbohydrates and starch, which leads to ups and downs in blood sugar. Given that it generally lacks complete and bioavailable protein, vitamin b12, vitamin K and ideal omega-3 long chain fatty acids, it can be as hard on the system as the low carbing. Especially for physical fitness and strength. It does however offer great short term spiritual benefits which are well worth a faste. This is also something that I believe is best done for a short period of time in order to gain the benefits without losing too much of your muscle mass, which is otherwise inevitable for your average western white person. And yes, there are exceptions, notably africans and asians but also white people who seem to be able to build some muscle mass on it, with supplementation and likely anabolic steroids. Although it is never as good as virtually any other diet for that particular goal.

    Vegetarianism and pescetarianism
    This can be seen as a balanced diet, if done properly. If you add either eggs, fish or both, and perhaps a little dairy if you tolerate it, this can be a good "normal state of things". It allows adequate training provided you eat enough protein and carbohydrates. The fish and eggs are important for muscle gains due to the valine and fats found in eggs, the omega-3 in (non-farmed) fish and the naturally occurring creatine in the lean fish meats. If you include plenty of vegetables and fruits, it can be excessively rich in micronutrients, and can really only be rivaled in completeness by a few standard diets such as the mediterranean diet and paleo. I often refer to the pescetarian regimen as "the japanese balanced way" of eating. It gives a fair amount of spiritual benefit while it also provides the ability to maintain or develop a physique, done right. Avoiding red meats and processed foods, it is also a very good diet for healing yourself from inflammations. Inflammation is a very large problem with most people, who live on commercially grown meats that are high in the not-so-healthy omega-6 fatty acid. I will personally attest to this. This is also pretty much the easiest way to eat as a self-sufficient farmer and occasional fisherman.

    Paleo and mediterranean diet
    This is also a fairly balanced way of eating which lends itself to health. I personally currently adhere to a diet which is a lot like paleo but pescetarian instead of complete omnivore. Eating more red meat will lend itself to being concrete and practical. It will have lesser benefits creatively and spiritually than the above but better than the low carbing. Paleo and mediterranean diet is absolutely great for training, especially if you include and tolerate grains. It is conducive to muscle growth, isn't terribly inflammatory and it is much cleaner than an avaerage diet.

    Western standard diet
    Please avoid this. It is the worst cocktail of poison and terrible ratios to be found anywhere. The only thing it can be good for is doing a dirty bulk and because it tastes good. It has zero spiritual benefits and it is not optimal for training or working hard.

    Periodic or intermittent fasting
    This is not really about what you eat, per se. I often skip breakfast and take a late lunch, which often equates to 16 hours of faste per 24 hour period. It is not a rule, but it has its benefits. Besides making it easier to eat fewer calories, it makes you alert and clearheaded, makes you less prone to mood swings due to stabilized blood sugar, heightens your growth hormone levels slightly and so on. Spiritually, it is of course a good thing to stay hungry for a moderate amount of time.

    Ayurvedic diet
    This has plenty of benefits. Especially when combined with some of the above. I suggest looking into it, especially what Ayur Veda says about various foods, herbs and spices. It can help greatly with inflammation, which is the root cause of many different ailments.

    Has some benefits of spiritual significance if done right (excessively and seldom), firstly when it comes to getting to know the true nature of someone and bonding. Secondly, it can help you break down the walls of your subconscious so that you start remembering bits and pieces of past lives, if you are far enough along. If you get plastered and start crying about Napoleon or something past, chances are you have things that are ready to be drawn out by regression. If used often, it will make you base, stupid and very concrete as opposed to spiritually alive. Like "normal people", who eat crap all week and drink most weekends. Never drink often. Also note that some alcohol sources are better than others.
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  2. Sigimund

    Sigimund Member

    Nice post, thank you!
  3. Lithium

    Lithium Member

    I applaud those who can eat a vegan diet. I think the science behind the Paleolithic diet is solid and if followed properly that it is what would heal most people.

    We seem to love processed foods and carbohydrates but without good fats, protein and nutrient dense foods you are a creating a void that can't quite be filled by eating less, infrequently or even through fasting. It is no surprise almost all teenagers these days have moderate to severe acne. A problem that brings to light our nutritional deficits during a phase of life when hormones throw the immune system out of balance.

    I think the Alkaline diet is also beneficial. The Alkaline and Paleolithic diet can be done in tandem.
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  4. Manu

    Manu Señor Member

    Yeah, I forgot to mention that one. Also looking into inflammatory/antiinflammatory foods is totally worth it. I drink a lot of lemon water and eat a ton of greenery in order to stay away from acidic. Sadly I do love to eat pork and many other things that aren't good in that regard.
  5. Myrddin

    Myrddin Senior Member

    I am not opposed to being vegan but when your like this something is VERY wrong