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Discussion in 'Health, Physical Fitness & Martial Preparation' started by Manu, 18 November 2017.

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    I have adhered to pretty much every diet under the sun that involves actual food. It is partly because I used to be a lot fatter than I am and partly because I like lifting weights and thus building muscle. What I have been able to glean from trying pretty much everything is that various diets have a plethora of different effects and the diets are mostly good for different things. Some are not much good at all, truth be told. These are my own experiences in short. Maybe you could state yours?

    Low carb/Keto
    Until recently, I followed a very strict ketogenic diet, meaning I ate mostly fat and protein, with very little carbohydrates. I cannot say that I will recommend the experience much, as it is bad for hard training performance as well as recovery. Even going lightly, I could not recover from hypertrophy weight training in a proper manner. Spiritually, it does not help much either to eat that much red meat and high fat dairy products. The pork is a great culprit in inflammation and the salt normally in every kind of meat is too much over time. It is however good for one thing, for a while, and that is dropping water weight. Beyond two weeks is pretty pointless unless you are fighting or preventing fibromyalgia, cancer or some other disease.

    This is a great way of fasting for spiritual purposes, in my opinion. The foods normally eaten on this diet, like beans and lentils, will cause bloating. It is also normally very heavy on carbohydrates and starch, which leads to ups and downs in blood sugar. Given that it generally lacks complete and bioavailable protein, vitamin b12, vitamin K and ideal omega-3 long chain fatty acids, it can be as hard on the system as the low carbing. Especially for physical fitness and strength. It does however offer great short term spiritual benefits which are well worth a faste. This is also something that I believe is best done for a short period of time in order to gain the benefits without losing too much of your muscle mass, which is otherwise inevitable for your average western white person. And yes, there are exceptions, notably africans and asians but also white people who seem to be able to build some muscle mass on it, with supplementation and likely anabolic steroids. Although it is never as good as virtually any other diet for that particular goal.

    Vegetarianism and pescetarianism
    This can be seen as a balanced diet, if done properly. If you add either eggs, fish or both, and perhaps a little dairy if you tolerate it, this can be a good "normal state of things". It allows adequate training provided you eat enough protein and carbohydrates. The fish and eggs are important for muscle gains due to the valine and fats found in eggs, the omega-3 in (non-farmed) fish and the naturally occurring creatine in the lean fish meats. If you include plenty of vegetables and fruits, it can be excessively rich in micronutrients, and can really only be rivaled in completeness by a few standard diets such as the mediterranean diet and paleo. I often refer to the pescetarian regimen as "the japanese balanced way" of eating. It gives a fair amount of spiritual benefit while it also provides the ability to maintain or develop a physique, done right. Avoiding red meats and processed foods, it is also a very good diet for healing yourself from inflammations. Inflammation is a very large problem with most people, who live on commercially grown meats that are high in the not-so-healthy omega-6 fatty acid. I will personally attest to this. This is also pretty much the easiest way to eat as a self-sufficient farmer and occasional fisherman.

    Paleo and mediterranean diet
    This is also a fairly balanced way of eating which lends itself to health. I personally currently adhere to a diet which is a lot like paleo but pescetarian instead of complete omnivore. Eating more red meat will lend itself to being concrete and practical. It will have lesser benefits creatively and spiritually than the above but better than the low carbing. Paleo and mediterranean diet is absolutely great for training, especially if you include and tolerate grains. It is conducive to muscle growth, isn't terribly inflammatory and it is much cleaner than an avaerage diet.

    Western standard diet
    Please avoid this. It is the worst cocktail of poison and terrible ratios to be found anywhere. The only thing it can be good for is doing a dirty bulk and because it tastes good. It has zero spiritual benefits and it is not optimal for training or working hard.

    Periodic or intermittent fasting
    This is not really about what you eat, per se. I often skip breakfast and take a late lunch, which often equates to 16 hours of faste per 24 hour period. It is not a rule, but it has its benefits. Besides making it easier to eat fewer calories, it makes you alert and clearheaded, makes you less prone to mood swings due to stabilized blood sugar, heightens your growth hormone levels slightly and so on. Spiritually, it is of course a good thing to stay hungry for a moderate amount of time.

    Ayurvedic diet
    This has plenty of benefits. Especially when combined with some of the above. I suggest looking into it, especially what Ayur Veda says about various foods, herbs and spices. It can help greatly with inflammation, which is the root cause of many different ailments.

    Has some benefits of spiritual significance if done right (excessively and seldom), firstly when it comes to getting to know the true nature of someone and bonding. Secondly, it can help you break down the walls of your subconscious so that you start remembering bits and pieces of past lives, if you are far enough along. If you get plastered and start crying about Napoleon or something past, chances are you have things that are ready to be drawn out by regression. If used often, it will make you base, stupid and very concrete as opposed to spiritually alive. Like "normal people", who eat crap all week and drink most weekends. Never drink often. Also note that some alcohol sources are better than others.
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    Nice post, thank you!
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    I applaud those who can eat a vegan diet. I think the science behind the Paleolithic diet is solid and if followed properly that it is what would heal most people.

    We seem to love processed foods and carbohydrates but without good fats, protein and nutrient dense foods you are a creating a void that can't quite be filled by eating less, infrequently or even through fasting. It is no surprise almost all teenagers these days have moderate to severe acne. A problem that brings to light our nutritional deficits during a phase of life when hormones throw the immune system out of balance.

    I think the Alkaline diet is also beneficial. The Alkaline and Paleolithic diet can be done in tandem.
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    Yeah, I forgot to mention that one. Also looking into inflammatory/antiinflammatory foods is totally worth it. I drink a lot of lemon water and eat a ton of greenery in order to stay away from acidic. Sadly I do love to eat pork and many other things that aren't good in that regard.
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    I am not opposed to being vegan but when your like this something is VERY wrong
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    Over a year ago I ate nothing but raw almonds, raw avocados, raw kale, and raw celery along with a vitamin B12 supplement (which itself contained no sugar or additives whatsoever). I had done the research beforehand; these foods contain no sugar as well as all the necessary vitamins in minerals needed to survive, healthily.

    I did this for purely ascetic purposes. Within the first two weeks, I experienced a greater emotional pain and sickness than I have ever felt, no competition. I was dragging my feet amongst the Underworld. I couldn't sleep for more than two hours at a time, which quickly drove me even more insane. I obviously became thin, but that doesn't bother me. Various areas on my face became unbearably sore for days at a time, my cheeks sagged, and all I had the energy to do was lay around in bed. I powered through all of these withdrawals because I had been doing asceticism in other areas for quite some time (particularly NoFap, which changes you into an entirely different person), so I knew the metaphysical formula behind avoiding instant gratification and the temporary pain it would entail.

    Soon, I possessed a level of focus unparalleled. I could stay up for three straight days and not feel at all tired, I was never, and I mean never angry at anything, my mental endurance far surpassed my previous mental state, I felt as light as a feather that would often drift into heavenly states. Sometimes I would cry with a poetic sadness, and feel as if my tears were being poured by a refreshing, cleansing holy water from God. I continued to eat this way for three months, having vivid, blissful, spiritual experiences in my dreams, all while feeling quite disconnected from society (even more-so than I usually do, which is extremely high to begin with). My body felt unbelievably stable. I actually never once coughed or had a stuffed-up nose in those three months except during the initial withdrawals. I could breathe in more deeply than ever before. I particularly remember my entire abdomen just feeling "clear", free from gunk clogging up any passageways. Air just went in and out smoothly, and the food felt like it was supplying my body with the essentials and no more.

    Eventually I surrendered to Indian food, which I instantly regretted. I remember the moment so well - my body went from feeling like an unstoppable machine to a complete degenerate. As I was relapsing, my chest literally felt like it was suffocating - breathing was actually difficult for several minutes thereafter in a rather concerning way. Now that I was eating "normal" (since the norm is complete degeneracy) food again, I often got angry at extremely petty things, lost tons of focus, and no longer could stay up for multiple days.

    I'm still trying to go back to eating that way, often failing. The most powerful form of asceticism that will give you the most notable benefits is semen retention by far, and that is much easier than forcing yourself to eat like this. Also, unfortunately, if you lift weights (I once did, but I've given it up in pursuit of the aforementioned diet), eating like this won't help you as you will become thin. The spiritual as well as day-to-day mental benefits, however, will give you a level of understanding that few things surpass in virtue.
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  7. Airyanem Vaejah

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    What or where did you study if I may ask? Your account of trying this simple diet was most fascinating. Do you think that some saints can truly go without food and water for extended periods of time?
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    That is proven many times by adepts of many mystery schools; christian, buddhist or otherwise. This strange mumification seems to be what happens if they keep going all the way.

    My lower self kind of snickers about them slowly dehydrating themselves into beef jerky. I have to admit I do not really see the point to go that far.

    My less base side will look at the plethora of very enlightened individuals and their various abilities. One thing is certain: with faith anything is possible. If you really truly believe you can do something, you will. Whether it is walking on water, bilocating (being in two places at once, like Padre Pio), being without sustenance or lowering your pulse down to nothing.

    We are far more complex beings than what meets the eye. Now that we are going deeper into Aquarius, the vibration of the earth will keep getting higher. This will cause a raising of consciousness and thus abilities like these will become far more commonplace. Magic has started to come alive again in the world, if you will. To me and to many others, this has been obvious for a while. I truly started on The Road To Strange in earnest somewhere in 2012. I have known about reincarnation for far longer, though.

    I never thought I would be a practicioner of white magic, particular about food or a whole range of other stuff which I used to regard as "hippie crap". It really isn't. The primary fault with (actual) humans in this world is spiritual. If european and asian humanity were spiritually stronger, earth would become a paradise. Not effortlessly or bloodlessly, but certainly. The consequence of our entrance into the new age is just this. The new-old world order, our world order, is inexorable. The degeneracy, filth, disease and rottenness will be washed away for many aeons, until the bad times come again.

    And yeah. I started talking about food. Food really gets to me.
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  9. Airyanem Vaejah

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    Getting deeper into the age of Aquarius? So you don't subscribe to the idea that we're currently deep in the Kali Yuga? Where did you take this information? I'm highly interested with these cyclical theories. Your nickname Manu is also an an interesting choice of nickname when it comes to this topic.

    Also, what do you mean by being a 'practicioner of white magic'? In which context or tradition do you practice it if I may ask? I only ask because most authentic traditions seem to warn against any kind of magic, as it usually slows down the seeker and diverts him from the essential. Of course I'm not saying that all white magic is illegimate or useless (only that it can become so), I'm just wondering where you stand in its practice.
  10. Manu

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    Well. The name is funny enough from before I was aware of The Laws of Manu and the vedas. It was my first name in my first incarnation a pretty long while ago in the Balearic islands. Not sure how long, but either pre-talayot culture or talayot. Regressions don't always come with a date. The name is not necessarily related to the vedic things. Got that from past life regression back in 2013. One of many. Actually, I recently found the exact spot where I died the first time around, a beach outside modern day Alcúdia. Took me years to find, but it's where I lived and died.

    As for the age thing. No, I believe we are in a transition between the ages or in the beginning of what a vedic person would call Satya Yuga. Earth's vibration is steadily increasing and things are happening which indicate that it is time. We may be in for some turbulence, but the golden age is not very distant. All this madness that must burn, will.

    I don't subscribe to a school. I dig and try things. What works or what I know is genuine, I keep, what doesn't and isn't, I throw away. I do subscribe a lot to vedic teachings nowadays, but not wholly. Otherwise I try to dive into all sorts of old and new stuff which stems from european peoples. Literally everything from Rodnovery to Vedic. A good deal is things I have figured out on my own. Especially in regards to things astral.

    My understanding of white magic is using it to protect and to heal instead of doing harm. Protecting can mean harm, but I am not a pacifist. I do believe in a balanced approach to dualism. Some deserve mostly good, some deserve mostly bad. To each according to his actions, so to speak.

    As for direct techniques and practices I use, a few examples would be:

    - Zen
    - Transcendental meditation
    - Runic galdr and other protective measures. I do admit to counter-attacking via remote-viewing. If someone is opening hostilities, I no longer practice any restraint and go for the kill. As for details, I won't dive into them.
    - Developing ESP in general.
    - Past life regression
    - Ayurvedic herbalism

    It's funny how much is understood simply by looking at or listening to the world with your intuition engaged fully. With sharp focus. If you start leaning on and using extrasensory perception, it becomes stronger. Much like a muscle. It is mostly a matter of listening to the inner voice which tells you things about what you experience with your concrete senses.

    To sum it up, I believe in experimentation and practice. There is no perfect school which has all of truth. Most schools consist to a large degree of fillers, dogma and outer trappings. Truth is the same, regardless of where it is found. Be it from christian monks and their prayer meditation or from the orient or ancient Europe, or New Age types who have something useful to relate.

    Truth be told, I cannot abide very well by rules and laws. I dislike civilization, generally speaking. If I were to be placed in a box with a name on it, i'd be inside of it squabbling with Varg Vikernes and The Unabomber. Varg would call me superstitious for certain beliefs - such as gods as actual personalities which intersct with humans. Ted K would perhaps call me unscientific and a nazi. As I have often said, I was a nazi and I remain one. One of those who loves the Waffen SS and perhaps not all the politics of the Reich.

    Apart from the above, I am a family man. I do not drink alcohol or do drugs recreationally. Alcohol perhaps once a year. I work hard and I have spent a few years lifting weights. Soon going into ecological farming. Permaculture and Back to Eden. Actually going out to look at a probable property tomorrow. The hardest part was saving money. Really longing for having multiple hectares to grow food in. Grew up in the countryside, but have spent almost a decade in cities now. Won't do that again, for any reason. Spirituality is better far from the city lights, the concrete, the negativity and the distractions.

    What do you practice and believe in?
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