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Discussion in 'Music' started by Plantagenet, 16 October 2013.

  1. Plantagenet

    Plantagenet Heroic Member

    While I am sure this thread won't be as popular on here since it deals with foreign music, I am sure we can all agree that beauty, especially in the arts and music, isn't limited to the European race. Medieval musicians were influenced by the Saracens (at least in forms of lute music), and figures like Mozart were influenced by Ottoman Classical music. So I hope no one thinks it is somehow traitorous to enjoy non-European music, since I've seen certain extremist nationalists claim this in the past.

    That said, in the Western classical music thread I mentioned an instrument I've been fascinated by and have desires to learn, simply because of its meditative and introspective quality. That is the Chinese guqin. Here is what wikipedia says on the guqin, I will bold the likely reason I am attracted to it:

    It also has some of the most ancient repertoire of music in the world. Here are some examples, enjoy in quiet in the evening while sipping on some tea:

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  2. The Fool

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    1. Lumine Boreali Gentlemen's Club
    2. Neoplatonism

    I think I'm too much of a philistine for the first two, but I found the third one very beautiful.

    I know just about nothing about Asian music, though I've always enjoyed throat-singing.

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  3. Plantagenet

    Plantagenet Heroic Member

    It also may be that it is an acquired taste, but I dig it. The third one you enjoyed is entitled, "Harmony Between Gods and Men."

    I like throat singing too. Here's my favorite (starts 30 seconds in):

    Another form of music most aren't familiar with but which I find to be quite meditative and unique is Korean "sanjo" which means "scattered melodies." I find I enjoy it at night by candlelight while drinking tea:

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  4. Plantagenet

    Plantagenet Heroic Member

    Indian classical music is probably one of the ultimate forms of classical music outside of Western classical music. While certainly being influenced by the Dravidian/Tropical tribal natives, many of the ragas derive their ultimate origin from Vedic slokas, hence they represent to some degree the Indo-Aryan evolution of early Indo-European melodies. Here are two excellent examples, one instrumental and the other vocal.

    If you listen to just one piece of Indian classical music in your life, let it be this one. This is actually the second part of a three part series, but whereas part one is largely a veena solo (the stringed instrument) and part three is largely a percussion solo, the second part combines all three to great effect:

    This vocal piece is specifically meant for the evening, say between 7-9 PM, but fitting well into the night. Goes swell with a relaxed atmosphere:

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  5. Plantagenet

    Plantagenet Heroic Member

    Some Buddhist music/chant/mantra. This is some of the best I've come across, hope it will benefit someone:

    1. Chinese Great Compassion mantra:

    2. Chinese chant that sort of reminds me of the "vision" expressed in the Avatamsaka Sutra:

    3. Best version of Om Mani Padme Hum I've come across:

    4. A great example of the Korean style of mantras:

    5. Example of Japanese shomyo chant, used in Shingon and Tendai esoteric sects:

    6. Medicine Buddha mantra in Sanskrit:

    7. Lama Tashi doing Tibetan deep throat chanting of the Vajrapani mantra:

    8. Nichiren Buddhism, one of the oddest sects, believes that enlightenment is to be gained just from chanting the Japanese title of the Lotus sutra. Here's that chant:

    9. Good Japanese chant:

    10. An Indian feeling chant in the original Pali:

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  6. Elessar

    Elessar Senior Member
    1. Cascadians

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  7. Plantagenet

    Plantagenet Heroic Member

    Good Sarangi raga, but what is the content of the video supposed to be? What is "the Eigth Dynamic is God"?

    Some Japanese traditional music:

    1. Kabuki piece:

    2. Some Japanese drumming, I could picture going to battle to something like this:

    3. A koto and vocal piece:

    4. Shakuhachi flute music of the Fuke Zen sect, played as a form of spiritual contemplation:

    5. Bad ass biwa and voice piece about the incident at Honno-ji, where the warlord Oda Nobunaga was betrayed by his general Akechi Mitsuhide:

    6. An odd and ancient form of music, Gagaku, the traditional music of the Japanese imperial court:

  8. Elessar

    Elessar Senior Member
    1. Cascadians

    No clue.
    Oddly enough the video is from the Mars Volta's frontman's personal channel. Apparently it was filmed somewhere in Mexico and set to raja music which I really liked.

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  9. Plantagenet

    Plantagenet Heroic Member

    Good choice on Ostad Lotfi, great musician. Persian tar/setar/tanbur music is pretty awesome in general. To keep with your Persian theme, here is another by Ostad Lotfi:

    Perhaps even more intriguing is the music of this man, Seyyed Khalil Alinezhad. A now deceased Kurd (some say murdered) who was part of the minority Kurdish religious sect of Yarsanism or Ahl-e Haqq, who from what I gather use music such as this as a mystical form of contemplation:

    The same musician playing with a group:

  10. Svíar

    Svíar Heroic Member Sustaining Member

    I love chinese music, especially erhu music.
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