Omens and Portents

Discussion in 'Esotericism' started by renownedwolf, 7 June 2014.

  1. renownedwolf

    renownedwolf Heroic Member

    I thought it would be interesting if we could have a discussion about omens and portents. Has anybody had any personal signs good or I'll or if they have heard of any interesting ones? Do you put any stock in such things,how seriousy do you take them and if it affects your future actions?

    An example I can think of would be the comet that appeared prior to Hastings in 1066 which was seen as a bad omen.
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  2. Christine C

    Christine C Junior Member

    Well I'm a bit tardy in responding, but I just found this thread. Normally I am not looking for (or even thinking much about) omens but this one was hard to miss: The day before a good friend died a fearfully enormous raven seemed to fall straight down off my roof to stand at the sliding glass door that leads into my dining room, just staring at me. This was so bizarre it sent chills down my spine. That was in 2012. Again in 2016, 2 days before my husband passed, I was visited at home by several ravens. I see them all the time on my walks but they only stand at my door when someone is going to pass, apparently.
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