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  1. Order Followers are the cause of all suffering, all monetary and taxation systems, each and every war to have ever been fought, and all court rulings leading to imprisonment or death. It is absolutely the truth that all supposed authorities, all systems of governments, and all political procedures are utterly incapable of carrying out their “laws” themselves, and it is for this reason that the magain dialectic is focused upon maintaining a gullible, unconscious, and dependent population, for in this unconscious state humanity must become order followers in order to attain those necessities which they no longer possess the skills or will to procure for themselves, and through their service to magian systems they inadvertently manifest the unnatural order which I refer to as the magain authority, which I implore you to recognize as slavery.

    Slavery exist exclusively because people are following orders rather than determining for themselves what is right or wrong, and what is moral or immoral. “Ranks” and “Grades” are systems whereby ones personal judgment is believed to be insignificant unless validated externally, or whereby ones own personal judgment is utterly ignored in order to blindly adhere to anothers judgments and valuations. This ‘rank’ and ‘order follower’ paradigm specifically trains its subjects to ignore, and even reject, any mode of personal empathy or judgment whereas ones own moral valuations of right and wrong would lead them to make a personal decision. These ‘rank’ and ‘grade’ systems, which are most evident in military, police, and corporate structures, encourage their subordinates to be utterly ruthlessness and inhumane by way of promoting only those who blindly obey the masters, seeking praise and payment above and beyond any compassion for human life, or respect for anothers free will, because all manner of immoral, ignoble, and evil, methods of accomplishing their ‘superiors’ agenda, are to be excused and exonerated by the arbitrariness of magian ‘common law’, and this will be the case so long as the slaves want to be masters more than they want to be free.

    The magian are using unconscious slaves such as soldiers, cops, and CEO’s, in order to enslave those who yet possess and utilize their conscience and higher will to seek out what is numinous and moral in terms of natural Law. Feudalism attempts to destroy natural Law and establish a global socialism in which the Nation State claims all rights and possessions for itself, such that humans beings must relinquish their inherent rights and willfully become possessions of the State. Neo-feudalism or appeals to all segments of the illusion of choice presented by the magian dialectic, manifesting as Communism on the ‘Left’, and as National Socialism on the ‘Right’, and as slavery across the board, and this is the “New World Order” as it is called by many, manifested entirely upon the shoulders of the unconscious, blind, and dumb, “Order Followers”.

    The only means of escaping or opposing this new world order is to refuse to comply with its systems, by refusing to obey false authorities or their mindless subordinates, by refusing to believe in or propagate magian lies, and by learning and internalizing the magic and holy value of the word “NO!”, for to suppress ones own natural and moral valuations to then obey anothers ‘orders’ is the very act of Evil. That which we are inherently possessed of by means of natural Law, and which beckons us to that which is righteous and numinous is an inward Order, whereas no external dictation is required, and thus we recognize such as abstraction and distraction, because we know that morality and obedience are utterly incompatible. We are obligated to do all that is possible in order to wake the sleeping, however, should the slumber continue on, our righteous anger and the taking up of arms against our oppressors is both moral and necessary.

    We possess the right to use force, though many would claim that there is never a proper time or reason to use physical force against another. I would address this issue as being determined by whether one believes that our rights are inherent to the human condition and thus governed according to our conscious relationship with natural Law, or the belief that human rights are arbitrarily contrived by the whims of magian governments according to our relationship with the penalties of being caught when breaking their common laws. This element of the magian dialectic deals specifically with the base ego and controlling societies valuation of human rights. Their legal systems having all but bastardized the concept of self defense, labeling such as as violence, the magian simultaneously flood all media with seemingly endless variations of violent actions and suggestions. The result of this purposed contradiction is two fold, with each outcome playing into the hands of their system of human eugenics.

    Those who are inspired to become violent themselves are eventually arrested and removed from society, or they go to work committing violence on behalf of magian institutions, such that any exposed “violent traits” are either removed from the rebellion or incorporated into the slave machine, while those who are not driven to become violent themselves eventually accept the violence of magian institutions, becoming so desensitized as to condone their conduct or interpret it as being normal and common to human nature (the whole ‘nothing is wrong with the world’ attitude), no longer questioning the immorality of, nor challenging the consequences of, political, military, and corporate behavior, and often adopting an amoral and magian mindset for themselves. Basically, those who have been removed from society have been stripped of their rights, and society at large is then composed of those who have willfully relinquished their rights to Order Followers.

    Consider This

    Complying with and believing in the magian legal systems, on any level, is equivalent to agreeing that free assembly and free speech belongs only to politicians and corporate owned media venues, and that not obeying an Order Followers commands (police or military) gives them the ‘right’ to murder anyone entirely at their discretion. You would actually have to believe that some symbols on their chest, or on their hat, implied that their abstract “rank” is more valuable than human life itself, and that they are in possession of some authority which you are not, such that they possess the power to dictate your ability to freely move about, to engage other human beings without being monitored, to determine your methods and topics of conversation, and ultimately decide what you can talk about, with whom, where, who lives and who dies. Wake the fuck up people, we are at war! I tell you now that they do not have any ‘right’ to murder or silence us, and that YOU and I possess the inherent human right to defend ourselves against harm and intrusions upon our free will. As agents of natural Law it is just that we meet force with force, and arms with arms. Order Followers are the driving force behind all systems of enslavement, and are thus the ultimate enemies of Freedom.
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    You have described the entirity of English ethics. Playing it by the book and such.
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