Discussion in 'Ecology & Environmentalism' started by Valvar, 12 October 2013.

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    Low-IQ negroids on the rise, Asians stabilize, everyone else slowing growth.


    Valvar, i think overpopulation may not be a problem because as Malthus explained centuries ago population-checks appear and control population size.

    If you want to have a return to a community-oriented agrarian society that would merit its own thread. Sincerely i dont believe selection pressures right now would promote that societal organization, but according to some catastrophic authors some sort of major crisis in critical resources supply (Olduvai theory and the like) and material infrastructure could make the current civilizational arrangment unsustainable... therefore making desirable to the surviving (!) population adapt to a agrarian-based communal life (kind of what Var Vikernes believes). A mad-max like scenario isnt totally disposable.

    Counterintuitively a China-like policy may have negative effects overall in IQ, consider this http://www.unz.com/article/dysgenics-and-low-creativity-why-china-cant-save-civilization/
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