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Discussion in 'Warfare' started by renownedwolf, 8 April 2014.

  1. renownedwolf

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    Post interesting pictures of everything from 'Ancient/Classical', to 'Medieval' through renaissance and up to modern day personal body armour here... original, interpretation or reproduction doesn't matter. I'll start..

    German Tapulbrust Armour 16th C
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  2. Deukalion

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    Addition : I would very much like to have armor and swords. Only four countries in the world prohibit shipping them in from abroad. Greece is one of them. I shall have to buy some from the medieval town in Rhodes. Difficult to do, though. They don't deliver them to your home through ordering them. You actually need to go there yourself...
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  3. renownedwolf

    renownedwolf Heroic Member


    late 14th/early 15th C composite armour.
  4. renownedwolf

    renownedwolf Heroic Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Cuirass with covered fauld based on german knights effigies:
    Beringer von Berlichinge 1377 and Voit von Rieneck 1379
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