Practicing the highest form of charity in our personal lives

Discussion in 'Traditional Activism' started by JonhOliver, 9 September 2018.

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    Some of us might have already chosen the path of the hermit and of detachment from the modern world, but a lot of us still live with their families or roommates, and have to generally socialize with "normal" people. Having traditionalist views will generally lead someone to isolate themselves from others and society, but there's still that urge for having friendships and meaningful relationships with others. It sadden a lot of us however, when we look at the state of most people we encounter, it can be especially hurtful when it's family members, leading to a state of hopelessness towards the situation. We all have family members or friends, that have become drug addicts, have lost their jobs and live on welfare, spend their lives in meaningless jobs without joy in order to be able to engage in sordid and unhealthy pleasures, among other situations. They have lived as a shipwrecked crew in a stormy night at sea throughout their entire lives, and need a guiding light to bring them into safety.

    This where we, as people that aren't as much under ignorance and illusion, have a duty to at least try to help them and be charitable, which can lead to bringing out the solar warrior inside them or the beauty of eternal and godly spirit that lives inside them, which had been so lost in them, that they would deny it's existence. In order to do this, we need to do the effort to practice the highest form of charity.

    By charity i don't mean the modern idea of it which is simply to give material goods and money, neither do i think that people we should help are poor, in fact sometimes the rich are the ones most in need of this sort of help. What i mean here by charity, is to help people find what they truly need in the innermost depth of their being, their dharma. To help loosen the shackles of desire and sin over their spirit, and lead them towards self improvement. The most complicated part of this, is that in order to help them we shouldn't just try to give them inspirational messages, but if they truly need it we could also offer them money or have them come live with us, and we should be ready to face their initial rejection and maybe even hatred and resentment towards us, while being patient and not giving up. In some ways we have to be as tolerant as a tree, that offers shade and its fruits to everyone, even if they begin to cut her down. With time, after they have begun to gain self-control and to improve themselves physically and mentally, the last step would be to finally bring meaning to their lives, thus fully converting them to traditionalism and unveiling the veils of illusion which had led to nihilism and liberalism.

    We obviously don't need to act this way to every person we encounter, as a lot of them are already beyond saving, but if we are able to change one person then we can thank ourselves for having done a good deed. Isn't it a form of egoism and sloth, to know what someone is missing and what needs to be done in order to fix them, but not doing anything simply due to not wanting to bother ourselves? Especially if it is someone like our brother, parents or an old friend?

    Being charitable also doesn't exactly mean being "kind", on the contrary harshness and brutal honesty will be needed in order to save some people. Those that can't control themselves, need to have someone else master them. The approach can't be way to authoritarian or strict in the beginning though, as most people will see this as a breach in their "freedom" and "independence", but the goal is to reach a point where we aren't needed anymore and they have found in themselves their own master, not in someone else but also not in their passions and appetites. The help also shouldn't just be in helping them overcome vices and self-improve, but also, for example, help them improve their marriage.

    To give my own personal example, my parents often fight and they keep being married strictly due to the hassle of moving out and having a divorce. They both live more or less depressed and with a constant feeling of boredom and emptiness. I would like to help them have a good marriage, but most of the time when i think about talking to them, i simply decide to not bother and remain cold and detached. That's however something that i'm trying to improve, and despite them both being liberal and materialist they were still good parents, which is why i think now is the time to give back to them for their effort.

    This isn't the easiest thing to do, and it might go against a lot of our personal wishes but think it's an attitude worth considering. I myself am a very cold, introverted and not very empathetic person, but i want to have at least one person in my life that i would be able to say that i deeply helped. Imagine if everyone one of us did this one person and they would help another, in time we would be able to significantly increase our ranks. There also should be some utilitarian considerations when it comes to who we should help, they should be people that could in some way aid our "movement", so young intelligent and psychically capable man should be a priority.

    This thread will should be about discussing ways in which we could achieve this, or to write personal stories of how you were able to help someone
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    Not always are we able to help those whom we would like to help. Many people are at the completely different levels of spiritual development, and so what is good for one, the other might never be able to understand or appreciate. In Russia there is a saying: "What is good for a Russian, for German is death." Thus, my principle is to help only those, who themselves ask for it. After all, only the ones who seeks help, will be able to recognize its value and hence accept it. To quote from Tarkovsky's "Nostalghia": "There is this story. One man saves another from a large and deep puddle. And he does it with the risk for his own life. So both of them are lying near the corner of the puddle, breathing heavily, tired. Suddenly, the rescued one asks: 'What did you do that for?!' - 'Why, I saved you!' - 'Fool! I live here...' "
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