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Discussion in 'Paganism' started by Plantagenet, 21 November 2013.

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    I know this is an old thread, but I thought to mention this since it reminded me of something I read just today.

    While not directed especially to neo-pagans, Guénon actually mentioned something that is related to this issue (efficacy of rites etc.) in his 'Initiation and Spiritual Realization', Chapter 13, dealing with ceremonialism and aestheticism:
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    My view is that real Tradition is always present and accessible to those with sincere interest and real qualification, Pagan Traditions not excepted.
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    Curious: how do the European cults outside their motherlands keep tradition and worship their gods? I'm a European American, so this continent isn't mine spiritually. Its not the soil of my blood and bones, nor really of my heart. Both my father and mother's families are from the Netherlands, so the gods of this country aren't mine either. Would they be against me to some extent, at least if they haven't retreated so far they have no power, for occupying in their haunts?
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    Wrong. You are basing this on that what school and most of the media says is true and can be used as a platform to reason from. They lie as per usual. Stone age Europeans were in all likelihood the first humans in America, and got wiped out by the invading asians ("american" indians) thousands of years ago. The solutrean hypothesis is not much of a hypothesis anymore. But during the stone ages, there were white people living in north, central and south America. There is even some who believe it could be our Urheimat, but is perhaps a stretch.

    Do not fret, however. America is just as much Home to our peoples as Europe is. It does not in any way belong to the invading asians, even if they do a hell of a job trying to convince people that they are the poor native chaps. They ought to be deported to Asia and become part of the Asian's overpopulation problem instead of living on welfare that white people pay. They should be happy that we did not wipe them out completely, as they well deserved. Anybody who knows what indians were really like back in the day would concur. "The Noble Red Man" is a very false image. They were over all not very nice people at all, and the only reason they did not kill every European is that we were superior to them. This is the case with all non-white populations. It is easy to tolerate their crap from a point of superiority, where they do not matter much. But the coming decades and perhaps centuries will be an abject lesson in why we should have taken out the trash immediately when we could. Any sort of paradise on Earth is not possible when there are several hostile races inhabiting the same planet. For as long as that is the case, there shall be no peace. This is my ultimate objection towards Ethnopluralism. The natures of other races than our own will not allow it in the long run. We are literally the only ones high-minded enough to even think earnestly about peaceful coexistence in the long run. The other races will only want peaceful coexistence when they are weak and beaten. As soon as they are in power or have enough power, they start showing their real faces hidden beneath a layer of necessity as to survive. Do not be fooled.

    Anyway, when even big news outlets like The Telegraph writes stuff like this, it is pretty solid. You also ought to check up on the Cloud People of south america, who persisted in small numbers until the Spanish came. The very few that remained in the mountains sadly died because of the diseases the Spanish brought with them from Europe. They were the ones who gave civilization to the invading asians, and were thanked for it by being driven to the brink of extinction.

    As for being pagan, it is an organic belief. There is no book to tell you how to behave. It did not have a beginning, unlike man-made religions. There are truths, and once in a while you will find them if you dare to dig for them and really look at things. Truly being pagan is pretty hard, nobody will tell you what to do as an overling. You can be pagan and have a wide assortment of different philosophies which gives you a basis on how to act and why. It was essentially the division of labor in the ancient world. Spiritual beliefs and philosophy were not one, at least regarding the small things in life. When it comes to big decisions like racial preservation, reincarnation and general way of life (living natural), caste systems and so forth it often provided such things. And as long as those things were adhered to, things were fine. When people started slipping and deviated from these teaching, for example in India, that civilization fell. Now we are deviating against it in this modern age, and are likely to lose our last homelands, which once were much larger and more numerous. The Americas, far into Asia, North Africa, the Middle East... These were once our lands. I seldom pray, but I do pray that they will be once more. No pretentions, I know it will mean the large scale slaughter of other races, and I do not flinch, because they would do to us the same thing if they could get away with it. Are doing it, in every relevant way, by trying to replace us. In my mind, for that they do deserve to die. Time will tell whether we will conquer them, or if they will conquer us. I am firmly convinced that it would only take a few million of us to completely rout all of them and destroy them all in their homelands. We have always been far superior fighters once we have become organized and determined to fight them in the form of total war. I hope for all things sacred that this will happen at some point within our lifetimes, or that they will at least be defeated here in our life, and that we can take the fight to them in their lands in our next lives.

    Conan the Barbarian is right. Conan was asked "What is best in life?"
    He answered: "To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!"

    Anyway, back to the original issue. You are more native to North America than any asian. They can never have a real connection to the land, because it is not theirs. It is ours, quite firmly. They can only remain because we for some flimsy reason have not ended them yet.
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