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Discussion in 'European Politics' started by Celtic Skogsra, 9 July 2015.

  1. Celtic Skogsra

    Celtic Skogsra Heroic Member

    Its easy to laugh at left wing retards and beware their entryism, but some entryists from the right wing are starting to piss me off no end.
    • anti-environmentalism (too smart for science)
    • anti-soft drugs (oppose stoner culture if you like, but if you do, be consistent)
    • 'children grow up to fast' (problem is delayed adulthood, not the death of childhood)
    • Gates of Vienna ('lets you & him fight!')
    • anti-Eurasianism ('but Putin isn't a White Nationalist!')
    Et cetera.

    I have lots of right wing views about things relating to demography, but also left wing ones especially about economics. This isn't unusual; Evola was fine with Mussolini's socialist tendencies. However people on the internet take the term 'far right' too literally & make us sound like US Republicunts. A lot of the time they play into the hands of the left by confirming the straw man, but at others they've internalised leftist crap same as mainstream conservatives have. Simplistic neophobia is rife, instead of striking at the roots they simply rant about what is in the news.

    Anyone who thinks pot should stay banned but alcohol should stay legal, deserves a slap in the face.

    Left wing, right wing, takes both wings to fly.
  2. Adaptiveprism

    Adaptiveprism Junior Member

    Celtic Skogsra, have you ever heard of a drink called bhang? It's a preparation of cannabis and milk. I prefer Goat's milk because it lacks Phosphorus, but since the Hindu's adore cows they use their mik.

    Also, what of Ayahuasca, Peyote, and Psilocybin? Why are we locking down the physical means of enlightenment?

    Preservation of wildlife is of the utmost importance. I think all of Europe should take heed of what is happening in California at the current moment. I know England does a lot to keep certain portions of their land untouched.

    Can you expand upon the Gates of Vienna? What does that mean?

    We have a news source called Russia Today located in the United States. Because they have no financial ties except to the Russian government, they report on the illegitimacies of American business and a number of political scandals.

    While I do believe homosexuals shouldn't be able to raise children and that liberal cultural is as rotten as judaism, I also think that conservatives today are at risk in their close-mindedness.
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  3. This is untrue, and regardless I'd prefer if Argumentum ad Evola not be used so much unless an elucidation of his thought and the motivation for it be attached in such contexts. The 'socialising' character of Fascist Italy was understandably one of the aspects that Evola resented most, for it is a cthonic set of principles acting from below, anti-hierarchically and against all aristocratic conceptions.

    I'd definitely put my name under the fact that there is fractionally just as many if not more lowbrow retards, and especially autists, in the right wing as in the left. The only reasonable response to suchlike is to ignore them completely - engagement pollutes the mind and soul, and should be strictly avoided.
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  4. renownedwolf

    renownedwolf Heroic Member

    The main problem I see with the 'right' at the moment is that hardly any of it is of a truly conservative nature. Conservatism in the Occident has long been sacrificed on the altar of progressivism. Most often we see this expressed as defending our (liberal) 'values' and very low tier (football hooligan) nationalism. Take the recent 'Je suis Charlie' nonsense, the mainstream right were all for defending these supposed 'Western' values, (The usual tolerance, gay rights, and overly promiscuous multi-culti miscegenation crap) quite simply because it was an excuse for targeting Muslims specifically (i.e Gates of Vienna types), but allying oneself with these very same values and people they defend is far more dangerous and degenerate toward their idealised visions of society than any Islamic terrorist.
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  5. Celtic Skogsra

    Celtic Skogsra Heroic Member

    Renownedwolf's reply just answered Adaptiveprism as to what G of V is. The phrase comes from a famous siege when the Turks were turned back and a well known Zionist blog is named after it. The phrase 'Gates of Vienna' informally covers an entire movement turning European nationalism in a Zionist direction by playing up understandable resentment against Islamisation. This creates a very unpleasant 'us vs them' mentality I find distasteful and, more importantly, not useful.
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  6. Hrogar

    Hrogar Senior Member

    The right should stop seeing themselves as right wing. Right wing ideals basically build on the same metaphysics as left wing ideals. There is nothing 'left' or 'right' in traditionalism. One might at some point in time use an intstrument that 'the other' use, but it still doesn't merge the basic principles.
    Simply put, the fact that both car mechanics and carpenters use screwdrivers, doesn't make them related professions.
    The left is driven by resentment and the right is driven by fear and safety. Both should fundamentally be rejected in favor of a life as an axis mundi, full of spirit, courage, mythos (qualitative time), risk, ancestry, ...

    When the left or the right starts to talk or to preach, there is only one correct reaction: 'I don't care!'
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  7. Celtic Skogsra

    Celtic Skogsra Heroic Member

    I noticed the left will believe any sob story & the right will believe any conspiracy theory. And when both poles constitute a lunatic fringe, I don't want attachment to the words at either end of the sliding scale.

    Liberal morality is has a dual foundation upon the principles of harm avoidance & emancipation from real or imagined oppression. Liberals are really low on respect for authority, ingroup loyalty & sanctity even of the materialistic sort, the things that matter most to conservakin, also conservakin care more about punishing perceived freeloaders than shitlibs.

    I shouldn't need to point out that liberals mollycoddle the undeserving even at expense of real victims, delight in unsettling other people's ideals about purity, and revel in the notion they are still subversive. But there is another side of the same coin which is that conservakin really do blame the poor, become prudish, and react thoughtlessly to any reaction against whatever they've internalised, like Pavlov's dogs, to be 'normal'.

    I used to read the Disinfo books by predominantly (self-identified) leftist authors. And I would rather read them than shrill right wing pundits. Labels are for morons.
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  8. There are many reasons to embrace being Right - political, historical, linguistic, mythological, mystical and metaphysical. Themis who resides on Zeus' Right side, is Divine Justice, Truth and Order - while Dike (which is a homophone of a more, shall we say, contemporary word) resides on the left and represents human justice. That the contemporary 'right' has hijacked the word does not mean they have a right to it. Being overtly Right in these times is a sign of social and intellectual courage. Weasling away with some 'oh I'm beyond left and right' crap is just cowardly.
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  9. Hrogar

    Hrogar Senior Member

    Left and right are essentially modernist concepts. They are useful to categorize and discuss (if one wishes to do so) modern political currents.

    Maybe, at one point in long gone time, the right was still a traditionalist force, before their gradual fall into decadence became apparent. But in our age the right are not traditionalists, not even 90% of the extreme right are traditionalists. At best, they are modernists at heart and traditionalists in form only.

    If no one among us is outspoken about not being part of this circus but being of a (in an nutshell) heroic spiritual path, then no one else will ever seriously believe that there is any life outside of the left-right-arena. And hence every aspect of life will only be seen and talked about from modernist metaphsical perspective.

    And on a practical level, one does not (metaphorically speaking) have to live naked in a tree, dressed in historical garments to stand outside of the left-right-dichotomy. Preferably not. But one has to make a stand and not only reject something, which would amount to mere resentment, but to live one’s life based on different principles.

    I wouldn’t go as far to say that every one on the left or right is a moron, but they are truly stuck in the mud. If we ourselves do not make an effort to be a guiding light for those who are stuck, with all the risk involved, then our effort is only another theoretical exercise. And I know most of us here want to make a difference.
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  10. Celtic Skogsra

    Celtic Skogsra Heroic Member

    Valvar is speaking of things more esoteric whereas we are talking about contemporary politics; please be careful not to confuse separate definitions or contexts. I don't see how identifying oneself with the political right will do anything except confuse people & generate negative stigma.

    Just because someone isn't on the left doesn't mean we are on the right. This is black & white fallacy and even the notion of a single sliding scale is fallacious.
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