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Space Colonization

Discussion in 'Science & Technology' started by Valvar, 27 October 2014.

  1. This is most definitely right. For one who has studied the alien phenomenon in great detail and is beyond the fake stuff government scare projects known as "alien abductions", and know that pretty much all contact with actual aliens has been very positive and constructive, this rings true. Humans are currently not allowed to venture into space. To put it simply. We have the means, technology far beyond what the mainstream knows about, already. We are kept here because we are not evolved enough yet. Large scale space conquest is exactly what "we" (our governments) would do, and it would cause major wars with other species. Because we would want to get a hold of important resources and nice habitats which are already populated by peaceful species or others who are (like us) developing towards maturity. We are currently in the fourth great cycle of yugas, and we have seven such cycles of the ages to mature into a fully fledged species.

    We were likely seeded here by those called Nordic aliens. Some of those seeded here have been mixed with beasts already present here, creating everything between apes, negros, other hominids (and mixes with hominids such as semites, hispanics and asians). This is obviously not the intended path of evolution. It probably has some purpose. It really does take the worst kind of lacking instincts to mate with a soulless animal. Such an action removes future generations of bad human material from the upwards path. Some alien species out there have probably had very harsh evolutions like this as well, in the past. Some others perhaps not. They might not even remember. The point needs to be to strive upwards and not "fall from grace". The form of human seeded was cro-magnon. There is no explanation for their appearence. They came in all shades that europeans do. Red hair, blonde hair, brown hair, blue, green and brown eyes. Likely from different worlds. Again, just an idea. Given what I have read, it would be the logical hypothesis.

    Now, I have no idea why the Nordics seeded perfectly good specimens of their own down here to evolve. Perhaps they exiled their worst to come here and grow, in order to separate the good of their humanity from those not yet evolved enough. It is just a thought. Those who hasn't dived into these things might think it is raving mad or sci-fi, of course.

    One reason is that they might want actual diversity with multiple mature forms of humanity inhabiting different planets. When and if we reach the stage of being allowed to play ball with the other kids, a differently evolved species of human might have a different mind, that creates new forms of technology and art, for example. Again, just an idea. But it would be the higher thing to do. The Brahmin way. Which I believe you hinted at right there.

    Space colonization is already happening, and it is because they too strive upwards. I don't think they - the "aliens" - have stopped evolving, either. I just think it is a much more conscious pursuit, probably requiring this cosmic ethnopluralism of differently evolved nordic humans on different planets. Call me mad, but I tried to "tap into the ether" (as Tesla would have said) to write this. It might miss some points and I might be wrong about some things, but it is the state of things as I understand it and ideas/thoughts based out of that.

    The idea of a higher human path and racial purity is why they helped the Reich. But it seems they withdrew from the deal for some reasons. Quite likely due to various shortcomings and less than pure intentions/actions. What those would consist of, I do not know for certain, but I can guess. I no longer find JosephRex's idea about the importance of bhakti (in the "Rehashing Hitler"-thread) to be very far-fetched at all. The more I delve into it, the more it seems understandable. I believe my own life in that time was a great lesson. The more I have looked into that particular life, the less I want another war for any reason against other real humans, brothers, such as occurred both in the east and the west. What a horrible waste!

    I just hope all this "harsh evolution" is going to be worth it. Analyzing the previous lives I know about, it all seems like an endless line of wars and suffering. I hope it will end soon, it really is getting old. I believe the period ahead might see improvements, going into another Yuga and all. Whether this life ends like those other ones or not, I certainly no longer idealize or want war. It is probably going to be necessary to take over the planet somehow, and I do not know how to do such a thing without bloodshed... But I hope for a way. Humanity will clearly not benefit from race mixing, which is the agenda of some. This is not what is meant by "When we are One, then we are done", which was a cryptic message to the Deep Disclosure people (made a thread about their videos). We cannot have a world at peace and widespread positive spiritual development unless the world is completely white. Given the events of the last centuries and the political winds now blowing, we will go towards a european mankind united. The raising of the world's vibration - the new Yuga - is going to help greatly. Is, in fact. It has changed me, and you, and many others. Some ahead of the curve, others later. All, eventually.
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  2. Arboreality

    Arboreality Member

    This pretty much sums up my view on our relationship with aliens, more or less. I don't think that anyone can ever truly know all of the details 100% correctly much less know the reasoning behind why they've done what they've done. I myself have done plenty of work tapping into the ether as you said and the more I learn the more I realize how much there actually is to be learnt, as well as how much there is yet to be understood. This is why any sort of spiritual journey for Truth not only should, but is a constant cycle of beginning and, "continuing to begin." Now there's a string of words that is confusing for laymen, especially those not accustomed to koans of any kind. This is the best way for one to dominate the process in the supra-spiritual sense of the word, which leads me yet another tangent about the minutiae of ancient languages.

    Latin and Greek both have an interesting linguistic synchronicity. The Greek word arkhé and the Latin word principium. Both words can have the definition of either "beginning" or "dominion." Through this realization we could consider beginning and domination effectively inseparable concepts, at least in this context, the context of seeking Truth. Only the one who dominates can be in the beginning, and the dominator is always in the beginning. Because he is always in the beginning, he's the fellow who always begins. The dominator never truly continues for he's in the state of always-beginning. That way they retain and balance a constant sense of understanding associated with someone who has just begun to study a topic while avoiding the pitfall of the know-it-all novice who skims a tome and calls himself a sage.
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  3. I did not know that consciously, but now a lot of things make perfect sense. Is this why talented individuals tend to have periodic interests? Such as delving into this or that intensively for a time, then doing the same with another subject? Often seemingly unrelated. Eventually creating a broader understanding than the very niched and materialistic "scholar", who might clearly see a small piece of the picture, but never the panorama. God is in the details, but is a whole. Perhaps a bit off-topic, but an interesting piece of insight you got there.

    Who the heck are you, anyway? This place feels much more alive and habitable now. You are very clearly what is referred to as an Old Soul. Cryptic and all. A very pleasant meeting, at any rate. I keep having the feeling I know you from somewhere. No homo. Just very rare. It has happened, but only a few times in my life. Thanks for showing up to the party. More of this is needed. It is a real catalyst for growth.
  4. Arboreality

    Arboreality Member

    This is definitely a trait of talented individuals, especially undisciplined ones and/or those who have not found an overarching drive+purpose. You see many people born at the turn of the millennium in particular they'll talk about how their parents always told them they were intellectually gifted. Then when they hit high school or college their grades started to drop massively, failing or barely passing. The fault isn't just in the parents, it's also in the child themselves. They may have been talented yes, but perhaps so talented that when something didn't always hold their interest, didn't always stimulate them, they felt fine abandoning it one way or another.

    Therefore, for as long as they continue to lack discipline, they will move from interest to interest like a phantom. They'll study it in a superficial way until it fails to entertain their attention and their ego. It wouldn't be even accurate to call most of them jacks of all trades, because they never stay long enough or never really stray into the right places where they could actually be able to apply their knowledge in a wholesome way. Compare this to someone who is of average intelligence in every way, but cultivated discipline and chose a purpose to put their efforts towards. It doesn't come easy to them, but they make progress through making progress.

    A thousand brilliant ideas in the hands of the talented but un-disciplined are worth less than a single above average idea in the hands of the un-talented but disciplined. You'll notice that in the mos maiorum, the series of qualities that the ideal Roman was meant to have, talent never enters the equation. The Imperium had no use for men only born strong or smart, that was irrelevant to their archetype of a Roman. Trustworthiness, respect, reverence, self-mastery, dignity, commitment, perseverance, and courage made you more of a Roman than all the brawn and brains begotten in the water of the womb. There's nothing wrong with being talented, but talent on its own is not what makes you succeed or fail.

    Anyway, my point is that you're right.

    I'm glad I've had a positive effect so far. To be quite honest I was worried that I might have been viewed as upsetting the balance of this community by commenting on months or even years old posts and generally being long winded. Through what I've found by looking inward and from what people have told me, I am definitely an Old Soul. You're not the first person to say these things to me, I get it a lot both online and offline. They insist that there is something familiar about the way I look, the way I dress, the way I talk, etc. People say they feel like they can trust me, confide in me, and ask me for advice.

    People will approach me, whether on other sites I partake in or in the real world. They'll ask me what to do about supernatural experiences they've had, demons, curses, hauntings, etc. even when I have never really talked about those things openly, much less implied I could help them with such problems. I've had people tell me that discovering my posts was, "miraculous" and that it made them motivated to dig deeper spiritually. People saying that they felt drawn to me, comparing me to Mooji, Meher Baba, etc. On Reddit alone I get 12-15 PMs a day from people asking for advice or just wanting to share something with me.

    I'm not sure why or how, but I wouldn't consider myself that special. If anything I just like to pontificate on and on about broader metaphysical concepts coupled with a very extroverted personality. If people can derive benefit from how they interpret my ramblings, I guess that's alright, but I don't want people thinking I'm any less clueless and insignificant than they are in the grand scheme of things. There are more people that I can name that are more worth listening to than I am, people I am inspired by and motivate me to strive for superiority. One positive thing about this Modern World and its internet is that I get to realize just how much I can learn from others.
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  5. JonhOliver

    JonhOliver Member

    This is a very good video about aliens, from a vedic perspective. I also highly recommend people to watch the other videos on this channel, as they're top quality metaphysical, theological and practical discussions on vedic spirituality.

    In this video he mentions the idea of Nordic aliens being superior sorts of human beings, i would imagine that they would be like golden age humanity, or adam and eve before the fall. Now, if they're superior sort of human beings, than this mean that they can mix with us, which makes me think of the possibility that the hyperboreans might have mixed with these aliens. In the video however, he does mention the existence of mostly evil reptilian aliens, which contradicts your theory that contact with aliens as mostly been positive.
    You also mention that these aliens helped the third reich, what particular events are you referring to?
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  6. I have watched a lot of material on the reptilians and I am still not sure if it holds water. It might. It is not impossible. But there is also the question whether those, if they exist, are terrestrial in origin or not. Some say so. If they are real, then they are certainly not positive. I have never encountered a reptilian type in my life, however. I think it is not real and a scare. Bad people are just bad people doing bad things because they are perverted and malevolent by nature and (lack of correct) nurture. Given real information or experiences that are recognizable as truth on the subject matter, I would change my mind and acknowledge that they exist, of course.

    The Reich was helped spiritually and technologically for a time. The inspiration to a great many things came from Them. Whether we are talking about ecology and animal rights to architecture, jet planes, stealth and the famous Haunebu and its anti-gravity drive.

    Say you arm a bunch of jungle natives with advanced missiles and fighter jets. Won't help them much. They tried to give Germany an edge by accelerated development. Scientists and inventors suddenly being very inspired by tapping into the ether, like Tesla did. Some did, at any rate. It was squandered to an extent. Acted upon too late. Perhaps not with entirely pure intentions, so to speak. Bad things did occur. It wasn't always pretty. Bad times.
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  7. JonhOliver

    JonhOliver Member

    Do you have evidence of this? I'm asking because sometimes, these ancient aliens people or people that attribute everything made in the world to aliens, not saying you're one of them, use aliens in order to be able to maintain a materialist worldview. For example, instead of accepting the idea of gnosis and metaphysical realization, they''l simply say that it was the aliens that gave the knowledge, instead of accepting that our ancestors had superior forms of knowledge and architecture, they'll say that buildings like the great pyramid were built by aliens. Thus, they are able to explain all these extraordinary phenomenons while keeping themselves stuck in narrow box of materialism, by stating that it was all aliens.
    You've got that tesla quote on your account, which seems to imply that he's hinting at some knowledge in sacred mathematics or Pythagorean numbers. Now, from what i know about him Tesla always seemed to be a typical modernist materialist scientist, a great one nonetheless, but is there something about him that most people don't know?
  8. I am by no means a materialist and do not think most who speak about it are either. From what can be understood from, for example Steven Greers CSETI Disclosure Project, even the aliens believe in God and are spiritual. Now, Dr. Greer is a pretty obvious liberal, but after studying what he has written, said and done, I believe a lot of it is genuine. Have humans from earth done remarkable things? Yes, certainly. Not everything outstanding is extraterrestrial in origin. Some things are. Were humans created by a divine being? Certainly, somewhere. We, however, were seeded here on earth. Just one of many places. We are already colonizing space. Are all aliens human? Probably not. All good? No way to know until we get out there or are informed by our brothers out there, privided the information is honest.

    If you want a good start on the subject matter, read "Hidden truth, forbidden knowledge" by Dr. Steven M. Greer. Then watch a documentary called "The hidden history of humanity". Unless you read cuneiform, the access to such information is sadly pretty limited. But you will want to read and watch things about the Annunaki. It is not a rejection of religion of materialism. Or it needn't be, at any rate. Just because someone else did a certain thing does not mean God or gods do not exist. I find that particular "either or" strange. The universe is far larger and more populated than we have been aware of in the last age.

    Don't buy anything wholesale. Just dig it through like you are watching a garbage history channel and reading mainstream history. Amass, sift, find the common denominators and decide what is likely true. There is no quick and easy solution. Anything completely true would not be published anywhere anyway because of the powers that be.

    As for Tesla, he said he did not invent his inventions himself. He "got it from the ether". He meditated. It is key.
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  9. JonhOliver

    JonhOliver Member

    I wasn't stating that the existence of aliens disproves the existence of god, or that it's a materialist idea. All that i was saying, is that there are some people that get way too obsessed about aliens, which stops them from being able to see the bigger picture. I myself, even though i haven't given much research to the subject, would say that aliens exist, as the massive size of the universe makes it much a much more logical option in comparison to them not existing.
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