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Strong Religions

Discussion in 'Religion & Spirituality' started by fschmidt, 26 August 2018.

  1. fschmidt

    fschmidt Senior Member

    The only religions that I know of that have the strength to resist degenerate modern culture are Islam, traditional Anabaptism, and Orthodox Judaism. Are there any others?
  2. Azaeroe

    Azaeroe Member

    By Orthodox Judaism do you mean Rabbinic Judaism based on the ideology of the auncient Pharisees? Not sure how that is non-"degenerate" which is a sort of vague term. I suppose I agree with certain forms of Islam which are genuinely theologically sound id est the one that follows the miraculous word of God brought down to Muhammad through Jibreel and thus also follows Sunnah or the teachings of Muhammad. Shia, Alawite, Sufi and other hypocrites are disqualified from this unfortunately and that includes the great Perennialist Monsieur Rene Guenon. I also have a problem with how you view religion as a merely politic utility. A religion is true because it is theologically sound not because it is pliable to personal ambitions for civilisation. Which brings me back to the false religion known as Rabbinic Judaism. Even if religion was a mere utility what would this particular tradition bring us? We all know the scene from the new testament when Christ removes the Pharisees from the temple. There is much about them in there in general. Judaism is money lust. Marx said it and he was one. Which confuses me because you leave Christianity out which is after all a much more noble albeit outdated and confused abrahamic tradition. A Christian probably does not know that many of the ideas in the tradition were intended for a specific time in history just as a new tradition has replaced it today. Their mind is clouded but still in some sense noble from following the teachings of the so called holy trinity in Elohim and Christ.

    But yes perhaps Islam is the only religion that can truly oppose what I can only assume you mean is godlessness because it is after all the theologically sound one.
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  3. How is Islam theologically sound? To my knowledge it has the common linear thinking of Abrahamic religions, when everything in nature is circular. Which practically screams "human fabrication". For example, does not include reincarnation. I admit to not reading the entire qu'ran. Sorry for the rant, it is a genuine question. It may well create a groaning reaction and produce in you the words "where to begin?". But I would like to know what it is I fail to see, if I fail to see. It happens every once in a while.
  4. As entire groups, no religious group is impervious to corruption. It is to be found in all mosques, monasteries and congregations.

    In certain groups, consequences for real or perceived sins are harsh and peer pressure high. Perfect examples of those would be groups which are also isolated microcosms such as Hasidic jewry or the Amish. Functionally, that level of social shackles work splendidly. But it is fundamentally unfree, and I don't think that such systems are a good measurement of human nature. That is an opinion and not fact. I find it rather more interesting to see if a person free of peer pressure and social/financial/physical consequences is a good person or not. Even more so if the good behavior has negative consequences, and the person does right according to his principles despite this. There, I believe, is the measure of a man.

    But no, I do not believe entire groups are inherently good and uncorrupted, either, much as there are exceptions - good people - within any given group that I or anyone else perceive as bad.

    My sore tooth is obviously the jewish and muslim groups, semites, but I acknowledge that some are inevitably good people. Even amongst rabid zionists, jihadists or even communist jews, at least when measured according to their principles, ideologies, religions, traditions or other similar bases for principles. Even as people, one will find that few men are consciously bad. They most often either do what is expedient or what is right according to their view. Most want to do right by their family, towards their group and so on. Which of course still can mean that I personally dislike this or that group more or less depending on how said group affects my own in-group and its principles and how much I subjectibely value what said group is trying to destroy, replace or alter. I had a less objective view on it before, admittedly. Still the most anti-semitic human being on this planet, but hey.

    As an answer to the question, I would say that very few are without corruption. I would point a finger at the age of Kali, in which we live. It is obviously the personal preference of myself, but objectively speaking one has to accept the world as it is as an imperfect and corrupt place. The abrahamic religions have their own explanations for this, the circular faiths (see how I differentiated there) have the Yuga and vibratory state of the world. I believe in the latter case, there is the quarter explanation. In the Golden Age, all is Good. In the Silver Age, a quarter of that is corrupted. I suppose, in all men. In the Bronze, another quarter is corrupted. In the Iron Age, only one quarter of good remains in Man. What that looks like and is perceived would depend on caste. But even an Iron Age brahmin would be a degenerate wretch in the far removed eyes of a golden age shudra. A clear sign of the age is, by the way, more than one religion/faith. In the golden age, there is only one.
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  5. Azaeroe

    Azaeroe Member

    Islam translates as submission. Submission to Allah. His existence is proven by the miracle of the Quran. The miracle of the Quran is proven by the irreplicable nature of its verse. Beyond both conventional rules of poetry and grammar it presents a linguistic system that has never and can not be replicated id est it is overhuman or deic. It is the word of God revealed to Muhammad through Jibreel. This is the greatest argument for the theologic apology of Islam aside from the fact that Christians believe in an outdated and confused notion in the holy trinity. Christ is the son of God as we all are but he can not be the father for what was referred to in the past as Elohim and Eli was in fact Allah who is above all and does not reveal himself. Christ was a confused but noble prophet of history revealing what was then considered the word of Eli. This has now been replaced with the final religion of submission. This is the argument for the theologic consistency in Islam which is no longer present in Christianity or Judaism.

    I hope that is sufficient.
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  6. It probably is to a muslim and might annoy the living hell out of a christian, but I don't understand it at all on any meaningful level. What that says about me would differ according to one's belief. Same as when I tried reading the bible or the qu'ran, it did not resonate with my being at all. To me, it seems like middle eastern jibber-jabber and not intuitively understood or comprehended even when explained by heavy theological works. One could argue I am just stupid, I presume. Perhaps I am.
  7. Azaeroe

    Azaeroe Member

    Do the others still post in this section? It would be interesting to read their response.
  8. No clue. But I presume the majority anywhere would pounce on the chance to confirm my stupidity, in more or less elaborate ways. There is amusement in things like that, apparently. Schadenfreude, another thing I will never understand. Some others, who are more elevated, in my opinion, would try to argue theologically, like you just did. I think the problem lies in differences when it comes to human nature.

    I was literally born ane raised in a sea of forests and wildlands, I don't understand civilization or why it exists, or the religions that are fundamentally civilized. I see that. To my mind, civilization is not nature, it is other and either in conflict with nature or something at least removed from - some would say above - nature. I do not believe it is. I believe it is a part of the current Yuga and a sign of corruption. But I try to understand, because I know I am part of the Yuga too and far from any perfect understanding or harmonic state of being. Perhaps abrahamic religion is good and I will understand one day. I do not think so, but it does not hurt to try to see. To my observation, city people (with the notable exception of christian american rednecks) have an easier time with the linear type world-view/faith. Here in Scandinavia, it seems more a thin veneer. Christianity, for example, slided right off of us when we no longer had to go to church on pain of physical punishment. Belief in rebirth, psychich abilities and such is on the rise. To the nature of many of my countrymen, circular paganism is more natural and easily comprehended. Right now, it is embryonic and largely just something new-old seeping into the void left by the loss of christianity. I am in no way extraordinary or special in my non-comprehension. Many fellow pagans seem to not understand/comprehend the Abrahamic religions even when studying them or attending church etc.

    I am not really trying to paint anyone into a corner as civilized, if that is perceived as negative. It is just as I view it and my hypothetical explanation to an observed phenomenon. I might very well be wrong. But it seems alike to tell a bear about Jesus, won't do him much good. It just seems so utterly foreign.
  9. Azaeroe

    Azaeroe Member

    Just not sure how you can use Vedic terms then talk about Islam as foreign. Indic thought by this reasoning is also foreign because it is not in your direct vicinity.

    I have a little thought exercise related to this topic. The German empire was built on the presumption that there was a unifying set of characteristics that applied to a German people. Now I personally think the most rational apology for nationhood is language and holy texts. But one thing that really cements it is common theology. Because Islam is theologically consistent unlike the other two Abrahamic traditions it fulfills the prerequisite for genuine nationhood. A unifying and truly consistent theologic system. As for language and holy text you neednt look further than Arabic and the Quran as well as related texts such as Sunnah or the teachings of Muhammad. An idea like the German nation is partially sound in the sense that it begins to unify what was previously known as foreign under the name of the Bible and the Lutheran tradition of German sermons or whatever the Lutheran equivalent may be. It however lacks genuine consistency unlike Islam.

    You can only understand what is truly foreign through study. That which is alien eventually is revealed to be true or remains Khuffar. Eventually nothing should be foreign really.

    If that makes sense.
  10. Vedic faith is far removed geographically as well as distant in time, absolutely, but it is not far removed in blood. Those ancient Aryans who happened to live in what is now India were closer to natural thinking and had preserved their faith from the previous Yugas. As our ancestors did here, albeit less successfully. Vedic faith is not Hinduism and has little to do with the modern practices of modern brown indians. Their influence upon the writings are felt progressively the closer to the current year that one comes. In direct relation to the interracial mixing that took place over the eons. As it says in the cuneiform writings of old, we came from the stars. Some mixed with beasts and became outright apes. Which includes negros and mixed people closer to being human, but who remain broken. Only Europeans are unbroken vessels fit for souls to reincarnate into. This is of course a very controversial idea in the current year. This is why the caste system was and is important.

    The Kali Yuga explains why our people have abandoned their ancient faith. It explains why so many have fallen and why they mixed with animals or beastmen. The new age we are entering into explains why we are returning to what is and always was right. The ancient faith and to racial purity. As I perceive things. The faith of the ancients cannot die, it comes to us bit by bit naturally, and would do so even if the Vedic scriptures had been entirely lost. This not being the case is of course fortunate. But it was of course meant to be that way. As long as we live, our faith can and will survive through the ages. Because its ideas come to us unbidden, organically. I have had these ideas grow in my mind since childhood. Only reading about it made the ideas more definite and concrete, put names to it all and made it into a traditional world-view. A piece is found here and there, even in the Bible. Large chunks in places such as the Vedas or the cuneiform tablets. And again, I am not alone. This is gradual and as time progresses, myself and others will become increasingly aware. The more kernels of truth are found and as the death of the Kali Yuga comes to an end. Some say the great turning point will be 2025. But. Even if we were to perish from this earth, we are already on several other planets. We were seeded here as well as many other places. The survival and positive evolution of our race is of course important, but we must not fear that we will become extinct in the universe or that our souls cannot reincarnate if this earth is lost. It will not be allowed to happen, anyway. Those UFO things? Those are often - not always - our big brothers checking in on our progress.

    Perhaps add "nuts" to my list of preferred titles. But I believe I am telling you the truth or at least the parts of it that I have been able to glean. Far off topic as it is.
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