The alternative Old Norse creation story

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    Stanza 4 of the poem Völuspá contains an alternative Old Norse creation story.

    Then Borr's sons lifted | the level land,
    Miðgarðr the mighty | there they made;
    The sun from the south | warmed the stones of earth,
    And green was the ground | with growing leeks.​

    The sons are of course Óðinn, Vili and Vé, the raven deities therefore, according to Snorri, three ornithomorph gods are associated with creation by raising the earth. To be honest all of this reminds me of Eurasian earth diver cosmogonies featuring diving birds, though Snorri doesn't go into detail about how the earth was actually raised. It would be nice had Snorri provided more details, but then again, maybe he didn't have any to hand down.
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    I don't spend much time with the Edda, truth be told. It is too jumbled and literao where it should and probably used to be an analogy. Traces of that can be discerned in many instances. It is as always an attempt at an analogy or a riddle. Most often the case with European mythologies, for some reason.

    But the creation of Miđgardr isn't necessarily an alternative to the creation of the universe itself, which is the story with Audhumbla, Burí and Ymer in Ginnungagap. Miđgardr is just one dimension or world within the cosmos, not the universe itself.
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