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  1. Coram Satanae

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    It has come to my attention that after observing the inadequacies of the American nation and the lack of a genuine, intact tradition in the young yet rotting cobwebs of it's consumerist society, that there are two choices [one simple another difficult] that every reactionary/anti-republic inhabitant on it's soil generally realises are most realistic and practical to do:

    1. Leave to a fringe corner of a low-density state and live like an ascetic in a cave or in some small hamlet where the few like-minded that exist in the nation can tolerate/accept a true Tradition [only possible in places where nobody seems to want to live and with the proper self-sufficiency].

    2. Emigrate to a nation where Tradition exists in a relatively complete/functioning form such as Italy, Russia, Japan, Egypt, India etc....[presumably extremely difficult for 99% of yanks given the monoglotism and cultural shock that would block understanding for something as profound as spiritual matters].

    Having thought through both options it seems that the easier thing for me to do would be to simply migrate. I have more knowledge of other places than most so it seems I could live outside the Anglosphere. I would like to know the thoughts and opinions of those who live in Europe and elsewhere about the current state of their nations and whether it is possible, or even desirable to live in another folk's land. I would also like to inquire if it is possible to redeem any part of the New World for settlement by a reborn Folk [an identity distinct from the liberal matrix of Americanism] with a clear understanding of will to hierarchy and Sacral Kingship.
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    The only way to manifest [1] Traditionally is to form a closed group of sages dedicated to entering the metaphysical realm, such as the Ur Group. This draw to "start a Traditional society", or change the modern world, however, is actually in direct antithesis with absolute Traditional attitudes. It refuses to recognize the inevitability of the four ancient cycles while foolishly thinking one can slightly alter their depth or speed. It also has a progressive and Marxist tinge to it. It will only be possible to build a Traditional society when there is nothing left for modernity to destroy, if it is even possible we will ever reach such a time.

    I cannot speak for the other countries you mentioned, but Japan is not at all Traditional. They are frequently cited as such by romantic Rightists due to their low immigration numbers, however, this is negligible when you look at the broader scope of their current ideals. As someone who speaks Japanese, I can tell you that a lot of Japanese people absolutely worship Europeans and their descendants, which is cosmopolitan and reactive in nature. They have also lost all connection with their roots, such as the samurai archetype (something that actually makes most Japanese people repulse if you bring up such a subject), the populace has a plebeian obsession with sedating food and alcohol, and its "Empire" is just as frivolous as the monarchy in Britain. While they have been a democracy only since WWII, and therefore may be less degenerate than British colonies, they are well on their way to adopting, at a very enthusiastic level, everything that is destructive from these colonies. Their realizations about race and immigration are soon to fold.

    Even during the Second World War, Hirohito hardly would've made his ancestors smile. There seemed to be a real potential for a restoration of Tradition there for awhile (not just in Japan), but of course, at the advent of the war's conclusion, Hirohito surrendered not just to the atomic bomb, but to all of the Traditional value his land had left, forever dooming his people. There are of course more remnants, or rather, "lost ruins" of Tradition found in Japan than in the Anglosphere, such as Shinto shrines and the beautiful architecture of Kyoto. Let this not fool you. Japan is now a puppet (both culturally and politically) to America, which will only end without a worthy finality.

    Immigrating anywhere in general for the sake of escaping Kali Yuga seems like poor judgement. One will not find solace in doing this, even if there remained a Traditional society to go to, for he would be living in a place that was not built for him.

    This issue is something I have meditated on for quite some time, as all child countries - America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, some more if you can think of them - simply do not have roots. While a country like Germany is certainly suffering a level of degeneration not yet seen, it at least has millennia of Traditional societies to use as a reference point. America has no such basis, as its entire foundations exist as a reaction. It is a country founded on the word "no". The same goes for any colonial country in question. Given America's enormous population, this leaves the diaspora in a truly barricaded state. Therefore it is self-evident that the only reasonable course of action forward is a focus on transcendence from that of the physical world as it is both impossible to reference a rootless inception or use current society as a grapple point forward.
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  3. Raisin

    Raisin Senior Member Staff Member

    Every living spirituality would be made immeasurably worse by the emigration of Americans.
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  4. Coram Satanae

    Coram Satanae Member

    So, stay.

    In my case this is also true in what is supposed to be the country 'built' for me.
    Looks like I have a lot of work to be doing.
  5. Raisin

    Raisin Senior Member Staff Member

    I'm British. You're the one who should be trapped inside the societal cordon sanitaire.
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  6. Coram Satanae

    Coram Satanae Member

    I was talking about myself.
  7. Coram Satanae

    Coram Satanae Member

    You should tell that to every British member of this forum.
  8. Bast

    Bast Member Sustaining Member

    Coram Satanae you should take a long drive through the fly-over states some spring or summer - whenever you prefer traveling. Begin in Texas or Oklahoma, then drive north into the Dakotas, or to Idaho if you like. Stay off the interstate, but stop in towns as you please, and look around. Fly to Washington another year, and rent a small truck to explore the inland state, as it is remote and beautiful.

    There's no reason to move anywhere outside our country, unless you know you can wander for the rest of your life, never settling anywhere. Or, you have to wealth to live like a duke in one of those Arabian false states.

    I'd share some of the places I've found, or where I know someone, but then that breaks the point. Once you find somewhere promising, you can't tell anyone about it. Just make your buck and prepare to move as soon as possible.
  9. Manu

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    1. Norden
    2. Knights of the Iron Cross

    I don't like the so-called American nation as a whole. It isn't one. But I wouldn't say it is all hopeless. In terms of real identity, stuff like that takes time. The strongest and most unique identity on the North American continent is that of the Southerner. A southerner is someone of germanic and celtic heritage. They are a people founded on daring men. They have a unique combination of germanic and celtic, just as western European peoples are combinations of this or that. Southerners have a unique culture, their own styles of folk music, art, cuisine, manners, language and all sorts of cultural expressions. Furthermore, they have bled for their land like few others have and they will some day rise up and take another shot at it. When the Beast is weakened.

    Much like any other nation, and they are one, they suffer under the liberal-marxist hegemony. The rot is present there as well as everywhere. Southern men and women are as lost as most in many regards. But maybe there will one day be a Confederate States of America. There ought to be one.

    I actually envy the strong sense of nation, the identity and tradition that can be found in the South. Swedes generally feel much less for Sweden than Southerners feel for their land and their people.

    As for Canada and the United States? Bleak. No real spirit to it. Much like many European nations, sadly. The South is the odd one out. They are a bit like Poland or Russia in that way. Not perfect, but very Christian, very proud and ready to get drunk, break out the guns and kick some ass. Apart from drunken antics, the Southerner is very famous for being painfully polite. I really love that. There is one people on that continent which is anything but generic modern sludge. Southerners.

    No, I don't like the United States. Never did.
    I've met real yankee types, and I fully understand why there was a war.
  10. Boreas

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    Like Guénon said, America is not the 'new world' but the most degenerated vestige of the Old World. United States is built upon anti-tradition by the liberal enlightment freemasons.

    The degenerated Atlantis always resides in the Far West.
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