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The American Question

Discussion in 'Geopolitics & Global Developments' started by Coram Satanae, 19 December 2017.

  1. Coram Satanae

    Coram Satanae Junior Member

    It has come to my attention that after observing the inadequacies of the American nation and the lack of a genuine, intact tradition in the young yet rotting cobwebs of it's consumerist society, that there are two choices [one simple another difficult] that every reactionary/anti-republic inhabitant on it's soil generally realises are most realistic and practical to do:

    1. Leave to a fringe corner of a low-density state and live like an ascetic in a cave or in some small hamlet where the few like-minded that exist in the nation can tolerate/accept a true Tradition [only possible in places where nobody seems to want to live and with the proper self-sufficiency].

    2. Emigrate to a nation where Tradition exists in a relatively complete/functioning form such as Italy, Russia, Japan, Egypt, India etc....[presumably extremely difficult for 99% of yanks given the monoglotism and cultural shock that would block understanding for something as profound as spiritual matters].

    Having thought through both options it seems that the easier thing for me to do would be to simply migrate. I have more knowledge of other places than most so it seems I could live outside the Anglosphere. I would like to know the thoughts and opinions of those who live in Europe and elsewhere about the current state of their nations and whether it is possible, or even desirable to live in another folk's land. I would also like to inquire if it is possible to redeem any part of the New World for settlement by a reborn Folk [an identity distinct from the liberal matrix of Americanism] with a clear understanding of will to hierarchy and Sacral Kingship.