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    bah, we're more degenerate than Atlantis, we're simply Carthage.

    But I'll reiterate, the frontier spirit is very alive in the great plains, if threatened by degenerate addicts. There is an identity - of the rugged but aristocratic rancher, the German Baptist corporatists and hardcore Menonites, the unmapped towns, the anglo-saxon heredity, and even the blasphemous Mormons and their "interesting" mythology - they aren't just myths of an old west.

    The southern identity is by comparrison conquered, diluted, and oppressed, though that isn't really an indictment against them. The real mid-westerner however has an almost untarnished identity because of distance, a separate and mythical history, their long seclusion, and an ethic so alien to modernism they remain a blind spot - the "fly-over" states. As I've said elsewhere, they also have a real challenge in their laps: the depletion of the water table from industrial farming and blasphemous cities such as Las Vegas.

    An American boy needs to read Louis L'Amour and go on his "walkabout" through the great plains. Into the mountains for a season, find a real home, where the modern world truly can't reach.

    ps by mid-west I mean west of the Mississippi, east of the Rockies
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  2. Manu

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    Let me guess, you live there? ;)

    As a European, everything but the South looks a bit less serious in its identity. Then again, I really like the whole cowboy thing. But isn't that more like a subculture or way of life rather than a nation? I have read a metric tonne of Louis L'amour, though, to be quite honest. One of my favorite fiction authors, hands down.
  3. Bast

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    No worries, Euros aren't the only ones who don't get it. Most Americans never learn their country is several distinct countries, because then one might ask which one is the real America.

    A nation can begin from a way of life. Its unlikely I'll see US part into diadochi, but I think that arrangement would be optimal. The government in DC is too rigid, not organic at all, and oversees too many diverse people and problems.

    It could be a caesar like Washington can unite the states again, but not before I think he drains a lot of bad blood, and America is too fat for that right now.
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    Well, I guess. Farmers and ranchers are the backbone of a country. In more senses than that they - we, now, I guess - feed the entire organism.

    Now, what if I am already engaged in cowboy action shooting and a gun enthusiast to boot, in every sense, plus if I keep cattle and horses... Do I qualify for citizenship in this lone ranger nation?
  5. Bast

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    Hey, if you can solve our encroaching drout, you can be king! :D
  6. Manu

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    I only want to be king of my farm and to be left the hell alone, unless it cannot be avoided. Drought seems like a no-brainer. Too many people and too much cattle on the wrong kind of land. Another problem is how land is used.

    Part solution 1 to the drought problem would be to eat less beef (golly!) and more chicken and other less water-intensive species. Modern farming takes tons of water except for rain water. If it could be reduced to only rainwater, that would take a great load off.

    Part 2 of the solution is to reduce the population. First to go should be all asians, mestizos and blacks. Second to get tossed out should be drug addicts, the criminally insane, perverts, alcoholics, compulsive gamblers and others who destroy all that is good in life.

    Part 3 to the solution: stop growing things with Roundup and other toxins. Go completely organic. Use ground cover to keep moisture in the ground between rows of plants. Have trees in the fields to give shade. Don't grow things in endless rows of monoculture. Mix it up and farm smarter for the long term. It will end soil erosion. Don't use fake fertilizer, use actual animal feces and compost. This will make the land greener, and stop desertification.

    End result: total population decreased, quality of population astronomically increased, no crime and no drought, because the strain on the land would be less, and public health would go way up both because of eugenic measures and food quality.

    Edit: never said it would be politically easy to sell. But this would solve the problem and others.
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  7. Bast

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    Farmers are drawing most of the water for irrigating crops, about 80% of ground water finds it's way into industrial farms in states like KS and OK. Then there is population, but which populations? Urban trash, ofc. They draw 10-15% for things like 50 gallon showers, swimming pools, watering lawns. Very little is really diverted for cattle, as animals and breeding aren't for the old or lazy, and animals don't need irrigating. Unfortunately, no one is clearing out the undesirables, they just keep multiplying.
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    What does industrial farm cattle eat? Cereal crops like corn and soy, that need irrigation. If I remember correctly, most of those crops go to that end. Equivalent to food for 800 million people. So that was included in the big picture of water usage that I meant. I did not only mean what they drink directly. Also a substantial amount, but far from the total usage.

    My problem is not eating meat. I eat meat, seafood, dairy and poultry. It is that beef is not a very effective or exactly healthy main source of protein. Especially not monoculture GMO corn fed beef. It is resource intensive and is bad for public health. I love big fat juicy steaks and hamburgers as much as anyone, and I eat it occasionally, it's simply the way it is. Agriculture needs to become smaller scale, local and organic again. Less about corn, soy and beef. No huge hangars with corn fed chickens or turkeys, either. Furthermore, feeding animals corn is horrible for the omega-6 to omega-3 balance in the meat. Causes chronic diseases because omega-6 is inflammatory. Meat used to contain a perfect balance of the two. Nowadays you get omega-3 deficiency if you don't eat non-farmed fish or dietary supplements.

    Edit: need to clarify. Not only americans live on almost exclusively red meat. All of the West does. It is perhaps worst in America and other colonial countries like Australia and Brazil. These being three major meat producing countries. I probably forgot a ton of countries, just examples. Most countries in Europe also feed animals bad feed, too. Not seldom imported, because corn doesn't grow so well most places and there isn't space for farmland. Sweden actually being a major exception. Ordinary non-organic meat here isn't so bad when it comes to fatty acid balance due to mostly being grass fed ans not overly full of antibiotics, steroids etc. Our neighbors in Denmark and Germany have the same issues as America, however. I.e. soy, corn and antibiotics. Regardless of where, the animals live terrible and confined lives, however. Here, too.
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    It is the scale that's important.
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