The Arditi's Ten Commandments

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    The Ardito's (plural Arditi) Ten Commandments:

    1. Ardito! Your name means courage, force, and loyalty; your mission is victory at any cost. Be proud to show the whole world that nobody can resist the Italian soldier. Think of the jewels you are defending with your valor: the freedom of your families, the beauty of your country, and the wealth of your nation. This will give you invincible strength.

    2. To win, numbers and weapons do not count: above all, discipline and boldness are the sole values. Discipline is the most beautiful and highest moral force; boldness is the cold, firm will to show the enemy your superiority, whenever and wherever.

    3. Victory lies beyond the last enemy trench, to the rear; to reach it, use violence and cleverness, and do not care if during the assault some of the enemy remains beyond your reach. If the enemy surrounds you, then surround the enemy.

    4. Always try to absorb what is happening on the battlefield, and rush to help comrades in danger. When you feel the situation is perilous, then throw yourself forward, and forward again.

    5. When attacking, use your hand grenades and dagger – the true weapons of every Ardito. When defending the terrain you have won, use your rifle and machine gun. Protect your machine guns if you want them to protect you. Cover the sound of the enemy’s charge with that of your machine guns. Then you will see the charge fail and the enemy falling like cut wheat.

    6. If you catch the enemy in the rear, throw him into terror and disorder; there, one courageous man is worth a hundred men, an Ardito worth a thousand enemy soldiers.

    7. The terror your enemy experiences before you is your best weapon; be sure to further your fame. Be fierce with the standing enemy, be generous with the falling one.

    8. If you are wounded or missing, your duty is to give news to your unit and to try to reach your comrades at any cost.

    9. Do not aspire to any other prize than the smile of the beautiful Italian women you defend with your courage. They will cover you with flowers and will bestow kisses upon you when you return victorious, proud of your masculinity, oh beloved son of great Italy.

    10. Run into battle! You are the best example of the genius of our people! The entire country is watching you during your bold attack.
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    Thank you for sharing this. What is the source?
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